0001 – Santiago Walking Tour – Temp Page!

Draft Walking Tour of Santiago

Preliminary Route for Feedback Purposes

Hi! You’ve reached a temporary ‘internal’ page of Trekopedia that isn’t really meant to be public just yet. This page is showing a draft ‘walking tour’ of Santiago de Compostela.

This is very provisional and there are no descriptions yet.

You can zoom in on the map, click-and-drag to move it around, and you can click on any icons on the map to get more information about the item. Note, though, that not all attractions are displayed yet and many items only have minimal descriptions still.

To start: Zoom in on Praza do Obradoiro (I’ll fix the default zoom level later)


Download: http://www.trekopedia.com/Camino/GPS/CAM-SP2954.kml