Preparing for the Hike: Exercising

Remember all those cliché ideas about cute summer body? If yes, you should also remember all the sad posts surrounding you in late spring when people realise that simply talking is not helping to get yourself ready for the summer. I am terribly sorry to tell you this, but the same goes for hiking.

You may love walking short and long distances and do that every day to work, city park, shop or anywhere else. But the truth is that hiking with a fully loaded backpack is different from this. It is not always incredibly hard and you may finish it just moderately tired. But if the path is rough and you’re not prepared, your adventure may turn into something you never want to remember. In order to avoid this you can do two things – prepare physically and for the beginning choose an easier trail.

Get those sneakers ready for some pre-hike exercising.

Get those sneakers ready for some pre-hike exercising.

Physical exercises sometimes remind of gym and school, but in this case you can actually enjoy it (as long as you enjoy walking)! It has been said you should start training at least 3 months before your hike begins. First you have to start with simple cardio, be it jogging, cycling, dancing or anything else you enjoy. Don’t push yourself too far, but think how good will you feel fit on the trail whenever you want to stop exercising. Do this at least 3 times a week and you’ll get way closer to your ‘hike-goal’.

Next in: strength. In order to carry around your happy or sometimes miserable self and the backpack, which, trust me, is never too light, you need to build some strength. For this part I’d suggest looking for new ideas on Youtube – you will be surprised how many free and fun lessons you can find there. Do this at least 2 times a week and you’ll avoid the silent crying moments on your hike (cannot promise avoiding that due to sadness though).

Stretch, strength, cardio, yoga... Whatever you're looking for, try Youtube.

Stretch, strength, cardio, yoga… Whatever you’re looking for, try Youtube.

And lastly: practicing. Pack your backpack and go for a long long walk. Go to a store with a backpack, visit friends, hike around. This is the part where you actually feel the hike is close and you are ready.

As for the part of choosing the trail better suited for you – check out Trekopedia site and download the free TrailSmart app. Promise, they are well described, thus finding a trail will not be the hardest part.

So, since you are going to be well prepared physically and know the adventure which is waiting for you, nothing will stop you. And one more thing – it is way nicer to remember 3 hard days out of 15 rather than 10. So just get prepared so that nothing could scare you off of that beautiful adventure ahead.


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