Lycian Way – Accommodation (route order)

Accommodations (in route order)

Hotels, Pensións, Campgrounds, etc.

This listing contains all of the hotels, pensións, campgrounds, and other places you can lay your head that we track along the Lycian Way, sorted roughly in route order. For an alphabetical listing, click here.

Sorted: Route Order Alphabetical

Name Context Type
Dugyu Pension In Fethiye Pension
Ferah Pension (Monica’s Place) In Fethiye Pension
Fethiye Guest House In Fethiye Pension
Göreme Pension In Fethiye Pension
Hotel Doruk In Fethiye Hotel
Ideal Hostel Pension In Fethiye Hostel
Sundial Hotel & Restaurant In Fethiye Hotel
Tan Pansiyon In Fethiye Pension
V-Go Hotel & Guesthouse In Fethiye Pension
Villa Daffodil In Fethiye Pension
Yildirim Guest House In Fethiye Pension
Doğa Apartments In Kayaköy Apartment
Günay’s Garden In Kayaköy Hotel
Kaya Apart Pansiyon In Kayaköy Pension
Selçuk Pension In Kayaköy Pension
Villa Rhapsody In Kayaköy Pension
Camping Spot Between Kayaköy & Ölüdeniz Camping
Blue Star Hotel In Ölüdeniz Hotel
Lemon Tree Hotel In Ölüdeniz Hotel
Sugar Beach Club In Ölüdeniz Bungalows / Cabins
Hotel Lagoon In Hisarönü Hotel
Sultan Motel In Ovacık Hotel
Montana Pine Resort Between Ovacik & Faralya Waymark
Butterfly Valley Camping At Butterfly Valley in Faralya Camping
George House In Faralya Hostel
Gul Pension In Faralya Pension
Keyif Motel In Faralya Pension
Melisa Pansiyon In Faralya Pension
Montenegro Motel & Restaurant In Faralya Pension
Onur Motel In Faralya Pension
The Watermill Hotel (‘Die Wassermühle’) In Faralya Hotel
Camping Spot Between Faralya & Kabak Camping
Camping Spot Between Faralya & Kabak Camping
Fullmoon Camp In Kabak Bungalows / Cabins
Gemile Camping In Kabak Bungalows / Cabins
Kabak Valley Camp In Kabak Bungalows / Cabins
Mama’s Pension & Restaurant In Kabak Pension
Nirvana Art Camping In Kabak Bungalows / Cabins
Reflections Camping In Kabak Bungalows / Cabins
Sea Valley Bungalows In Kabak Bungalows / Cabins
Sultan Camp In Kabak Bungalows / Cabins
The Olive Garden Kabak In Kabak Bungalows / Cabins
Turan Hill Lounge In Kabak Bungalows / Cabins
Lissiya Hotel Between Kabak & Alınca Hotel
Camping Site Between Kabak Beach and Alınca Camping
Camping Spot Between Kabak and Alınca Camping
Camping Spot Between Kabak & Alınca Camping
Alamut Restaurant & Pension In Alınca Pension
Bayram’s Place In Alınca Pension
Bayram’s House In Gey Pension
Yediburunlar Lighthouse Hotel In Gey Hotel
Camping Spot Between Gey & Bel Camping
Sidyma Homes In Dodurga (Sidyma ruins) Pension
Fatima’s Pansiyon In Bel Pension
Şule’s Tent Camp In Bel Camping
Good Camping Area Between Bel & Belceğiz Camping
Candan’s Garden In Gavurağılı Pension
Patara Lodge In Gavurağılı Pension
Meyveli Ev (‘House of Fruit’) Northwest of Kumluova Pension
Camping Spot Between Akbel and Delikkemer Camping
Akay Pension In Gelemiş (Patara Village) Pension
Golden Pension In Gelemiş Pension
Patara Flower Pension In Gelemiş Pension
Courtyard Hotel Kalkan In Kalkan Hotel
Gül Pansiyon In Kalkan Pension
Kleo Pension In Kalkan Pension
Rhapsody Hotel In Kalkan Hotel
Türk Evi (Hotel) In Kalkan Hotel
Owlsland (Pension) In Bezirgan Pension
Die Pause Pension In Sarıbelen Pension
Moonstone House In Sarıbelen Pension
Camping Spot Between Bezirgan & Gökceören Camping
Hüseyin Yılmaz’s Pansiyon In Gökceören Pension
Villa Kurt In Pınarbaşı Pension
Eflatun On Approach to Kaş Pension
Anı Pansiyon In Kaş Pension
Hideaway Hotel In Kaş Pension
Kayahan Hotel In Kaş Hotel
Meltem Pension & Guest House In Kaş Pension
Rhapsody Hotel In Kaş Hotel
Ateş Pension In Kaş Pension
Coşkun’s Pension At Fakdere Beach Pension
Ali’s House In Boğazcık Pension
Camping Spot In Aperlai Camping
The Purple House In Aperlai Pension
Baba Veli Restaurant & Pansiyon In Üçağız Pension
Kekova Pansiyon In Üçağız Pension
Ankh Pansiyon In Kaleköy (Simena) Pension
Kale Pansiyon In Kaleköy Pension
Camping Spot Between Kaleköy & Kapaklı Camping
Andriake Camping In Çayağzı Camping
Şahin Otel In Demre Hotel
Camping Spot At Alakilise Ruins Camping
Camping Spot Between Alakilise & Finike Camping
Paris Pansiyon In Finike Pension
Blue Likya Pansiyon In Karaöz Pension
Gelidonya Pansiyon In Karaöz Pension
Gürkan’s Gastehaus In Karaöz Pension
Koken Pansiyon In Karaöz Pension
Camping Spot (Gelidonya) At Gelidonya Lighthouse Camping
Adrasan Gelidonya Hotel & Restaurant In Adrasan Hotel
Adrasan River Hotel In Adrasan Hotel
Arikanda River Garden Hotel Adrasan In Adrasan Hotel
Cici Baba Hotel (closed?) In Adrasan Bungalows / Cabins
Dayco Bungalow Hotel In Adrasan Pension
Duran Pansiyon Bungalow – Restaurant In Adrasan Pension
Ford Hotel In Adrasan Hotel
Junglebells Hostel In Adrasan Hostel
Margarita Hotel In Adrasan Hotel
Maviay Hotel In Adrasan Hotel
Meltem Otel Adrasan In Adrasan Bungalows / Cabins
Ön Hotel (closed?) In Adrasan Hotel
Portakal Bahçesi Bungalov (Orange Garden Bungalows) In Adrasan Bungalows / Cabins
Camping Spot / Shepherd’s Hut Between Adrasan & Olympos Camping
Sheriff Olympos Pansiyon At Olympos Ruins Bungalows / Cabins
Barış Pansiyon In Çıralı Pension
Cemil Pansiyon & Restaurant In Çıralı Pension
Kıyı Pansiyon In Çıralı Pension
Olympos Lodge In Çıralı Bungalows / Cabins
Rose Pansiyon In Çıralı Pension
Sera Pansiyon In Çıralı Pension
Smile Butik Hotel In Çıralı Bungalows / Cabins
Şahin Pansiyon In Çıralı Pension
Camping Spot / Yayla Between Beycik & Yayla Kuzdere Camping
Sevim Abla’s House In Yayla Kuzdere Private Home
Süleyman Bey’s House In Yayla Kuzdere Private Home
Camping Spot In Gedelme Camping
Gül Mountain Lodge Off-Route North of Göynük Yayla Hotel
Camping Spot Between Tekirova & Phaselis Camping
Camping Spot Between Tekirova & Phaselis Camping
Naturel Pansiyon In Göynük Pension
Nadir Çoşkun’s House Between Kuzdere and Göynük Pension
Camping Spot Between Göynük Canyon & Hısarçandır Camping