About Trekopedia

About Trekopedia

Probably more than you ever wanted to know

So, Just What Is This Trekopedia Thing?

Trekopedia is our community-driven collection of in-depth information and resources on some of our favourite long-distance hiking and bicycling trails. Trekopedia evolved out of our own practical, first-hand experiences on trails around the world.

Our passion is walking, researching, and writing about long-distance trails and interesting regions of the world. Trekopedia is our way of sharing that passion with you and hopefully giving a little back to the community that has helped us so much in our own adventures.

Trekopedia is primarily meant for people who want to discover the world by foot (or bicycle), walking in their own way and at their own pace. Trekopedia is a labour of love for us. We hope you find it useful!

Yeah, We’re Geeks… Sorry!

In addition to being hikers, we are also unabashedly geeks. One of our objectives with Trekopedia is to systematically gather and organize trail-related information and find powerful ways to put that information to work for others.

We started by developing a pretty nifty database app for our internal use that helps us record, track, and manage the huge amount of trail-related information we’ve researched and that others send to us. The database approach enables us to track a wide range of details about the trails, ranging from the path itself (GPS tracks), to waypoints, sights / attractions, places to stay, side trails, details such as hazards / obstacles, and much, much more. Managing all of this information in a database enables us to keep things up-to-date, organized, and cross-linked in very powerful and useful ways.

Gathering and organizing trail information is only part of what we have in mind, though. We also want to research and develop new and better ways of putting that information to practical use — in particular, adding ‘intelligence’ to trail content. Our mobile apps are our first step in that direction. Like I said, we’re geeks… 🙂

Who Are We?

Your genial hosts are Eugene, Dmitry, François, Sophia, Matthew, and Emma.

Eugene is an avid hiker passionately trying to get in every last possible hike before his increasingly creaky, aging body finishes giving out on him. Eugene mostly oversees operations and content-related stuff, including researching trails, running the website, writing the content, user support, and designing TrailSmart. If you spot anything wrong with our content or apps, he’s the guy to blame to whom you should send feedback.

Dmitry, a veteran software engineer, is passionately trying to not end up with an increasingly creaky body. He is our chief technologist, responsible for our powerful custom-built content management system that we use for researching, writing, and managing all of our trail-related content (no small task!). And, of course, he’s responsible for building our outstanding mobile apps too, handling architecture and coding, as well as much of the design. Plus he does testing, helps brainstorm new features, and generally makes sure things do exactly what they are supposed to do.

François is a passionate cyclist who lives for bike-based touring, having spent many months on roads and trails in Europe, North America, Australia / New Zealand, and parts of Brazil. He recently cycled the Loire Valley in France as well as hiked the Mont Blanc Trail. He helps with trail research.

Sophia is a retired nurse who is a late-in-life convert to long-distance walking. She’s completed six different pilgrimage walks as well as hiked other trails over much of Spain and France and has recently added trails in Germany and the United States. She helps with trail research.

Matthew is a veteran long-distance hiker who’s walked many of the top trails in the world including the Appalachian Way, Arizona Trail, John Muir Trail, Corsica’s GR20, several Camino routes, and more. His ambition is to walk Europe’s entire E4 trail (“it’s just 10,000 km…”). His wife, not surprisingly, is threatening divorce. Matthew helps with trail research, some of the writing, and general administrative tasks. He’s avidly at work on a book.

Emma thinks the rest of us are nuts “with all that long-distance nonsense” and she’s probably right. Emma coordinates the so-called ‘business’ side of things for the Trekopedia Team (mostly saying ‘Stop spending money!’ over and over…), which she does from her secret lair inside a hollowed-out volcanic island where she insists on spending most of her time overseeing her true passions, anything to do with Les Misérables (book or musical) and the play Hamilton. The rest of us are afraid of her. Help us. Please.

And we consider the entire long-distance hiking/cycling community (yes, every last one of you!) to be a part of our team too since this project wouldn’t be possible at all without you — so many members of the community have generously provided great content and feedback making TrailSmart and our trail datasets immeasurably better than they would have been otherwise!

We Want to Hear From You!

If you would like to contact us you can do so by email at team@trekopedia.com .

Tell us about your own treks, share your exciting or funny trail stories, send us photos we can post for others or use as reference for our research, help us improve the quality of the content on Trekopedia, or just drop a line to say ‘hi’.

See our Contact Details page for our full contact details, including our social media presence.

We look forward to hearing from you!