Autumn Pleasures

I guess everyone can agree now that the summer has ended. Even though the weather in many places is still surprisingly pleasant, the summer heat is going away. And so does the summer desire for adventures. But you cannot let it tie you to your office chair. Now is the time to enjoy the autumn views, hackneyed pumpkin dishes, sweater weather and the best way to do that is travelling. Or at least planning the travels.


A nice 540 km walk in Turkey on the Lycian Way, stunning 104 km long the Great Ocean Walk in Australia, historical 164 km Cotswold Way and so many other longer or shorter adventures are waiting for you to come. Now is the time to fight the seasonal depression buying flight tickets, booking hotels and B&B’s and researching the places you want to see.

But there’s a lot of things you do not need to plan, such as downloading TrailSmart app. Just do that now, start reading and explore the infinite ways of making your hikes easier. Remember, it’s free and takes only a minute to get to your phone.

So please, enjoy the pumpkin spice latte, plan your upcoming adventures, embrace the free help TrailSmart offers and just have a great autumn!

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