Avoid planning fever: plan&chill

Once you decide to go on a trip you may end up in planning fever: too many questions and not enough time. Best deal on tickets, nice accommodation, things to do and see, packing list and so many other questions will pop up every day until you have everything planned. Your other option is going with the flow, only buying the ticket and hoping for the best. Both of the approaches have some drawbacks, so the best way to plan would be by doing both. Here are some tips you could follow if you want to plan&chill:

  1. Tickets. Here you must choose which one you value more – time or money and stick to it. Of course, 23 hours layover in some small airport is not a thing you’d enjoy the most, but maybe it is worth it if you want to stay at your destination longer? Also, if your layover is this long and you can choose the city where you change the planes, make the decision after checking how far is the airport from the city centre. It is always nicer to go sightseeing for at least few hours than sit on the airport floor.
  2. Local events. If you want to avoid cities full of tourists or locals, check for popular events in the area around the time you’re coming. You might want to see how everything looks like, but in some places you may want to avoid those as it might get too loud and sometimes – unsafe. Also, it usually affects housing prices.
  3. Accommodation. If you’re not sure about the accommodation you’ve chosen, how long you want to stay there or what’s the availability, the best way is to contact the hotel/hostel/host directly. Don’t forget that usually locals work there, so they might help you with more questions that you have (events, transportation, currencies, etc). Also, you can pretty much feel how the place is managed from the conversation (or lack of it). Just please, don’t expect receptionists to answer ALL of your questions about the country. TIP: contacting directly might help you get a discount as the accommodation would not have to pay commission for booking systems.
  4. Things to do. Some research about things you want to see is a must. Scroll through TripAdvisor, look over some travel blogs, get the basic opinion about places you want to see, have a shortlist. But keep it simple. You can always change your mind once you go to the country, allow yourself to stay longer in a museum/city/park you enjoyed and just wander around for few hours. Some of the best places are unknown.
  5. Packing. Again, it depends. This time – on your preferences of fashion, light/heavy packing, comfort, etc. If you’re going on a long hike, there’s definitely a video from somebody that was there already with the tips about packing – check it! If you’re going for fashionable trip – you probably know your sources about packing.

Well, the last tip is to enjoy the planning. That’s the fun part. Learn few facts about the country. But if you don’t – no worries. You have internet everywhere, so just follow up while you drink coffee in a small beautiful restaurant you’ve found travelling.

Plan&chill. With tea (or beer).

Plan&chill. With tea (or beer).

P.S. Thanks for the pic, Edna: bit.ly/2rEYSFE


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