Best Hiking Movies for Autumn Nights

Since the summer has ended, your daily routine and activities are most likely facing some changes. Long cold autumn nights are perfect for planning big adventures. But once you’re done doing that, they are also perfect for great hiking movies. And if you are tired of crying watching the Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, here are some new recommendations. P.S. Into the Wild is not on this list.

Tracks. A fascinating story of the girls who decided to walk almost 2000 miles across the Australian desert with four camels and a dog just to find herself and enjoy the solitude. Beautiful cinematography, even more beautiful views and an amazing story will make you wonder about yourself.

Wild. Hollywood portrays long distance hiking as a cure from grief and inner problems. This is not an exception. A long, tiring and healing travel on the Pacific Crest Trail in order to find the inner peace, self respect and some reasons.

A Walk in the Woods. Finally something a bit more funny! A story of a man going on an Appalachian trail with little preparation to change something in his life. All the negative thoughts of people around him seem to be coming true as well as the reunion of old friends.

The Way. Probably the best known Hollywood movie about Camino de Santiago. It’s also a beautiful story about grief, friendship and search for inner peace, which is never simple.

The Way Back. This rather different hiking story is about prisoners of Soviet gulags in Siberia. An inevitable hike through Siberia and Mongolia is not a way to find your true self, it is the only possible way to stay alive and find forgiveness. A beautiful but horrifying story will amaze you as well as remind some darkest moments of XX century history.

Wildlike. The plot is similar to the movie Wild – an abused girl looking for herself and peace of mind hiking in Alaska. Except for the views – the picturesque settings will blow your mind away.

Well these are only few new suggestions to add to your long autumn nights movies’ list. There’s always movies like Dances With Wolves, 7 Years in Tibet or Castaway, but I’m sure you remember those yourself.

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