Boots, Backpack and a Book

The list for successful preparation for a long-term hike is rather simple: comfortable boots, light but large backpack, depending on a trip – tent and sleeping bag, clothes, maps, etc. You know how this list goes. But what about those short and precious moments of silence and rest? May I offer you a book? Well, a book or a eReader.


Daily hiking agenda is easy to follow – hike, rest, eat, sleep. But in those short moments of rest before you fall asleep a book is just what you need to refresh your mind. If you want to take your mind away from the hiking routine, you will probably choose some completely different genre sci-fi, mystery, detective or anything else will help to do it. But just in case you wanted to get from hiking as much experience as possible, hike stories are probably what you need to read.

“A Walk in the Woods” (by Bill Bryson), “The Pilgrimage” (by Paulo Coelho) or “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail” (by Cheryl Strayed) already are well known hiking stories, but just after 1 minute on Google you can find hundreds of new unread books. If you have an eReader, it’s even better – you can fill all the books you wanted to read into one and never worry about it. But if you don’t, a lot of the hostels have book exchange sections, so don’t you worry – there are more options than the one you’ve chosen.

So good luck choosing and hiking.


P.S. Thanks for the picture, Jim:

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