Donde es un cajero?

That pretty and heavy backpack of yours can carry a lot. But I doubt you will have all the money there. But not because you couldn’t carry it.

You can fit everything to that nice backpack, but are you gonna put all your money there?

You can put everything to that nice backpack, but are you gonna put all your money there?

It’s the XXI century, everyone is using credit or debit cards, PayPal and all the smart payment tools. However,  while hiking in the rural areas and exploring new cities you may have to have some cash on you. Of course, having all the money in your wallet does not sound as the smartest plan. So you will most likely look for an ATM. You’re lucky if you have internet on your phone, explore an English speaking country or know the local language. But otherwise you’ll have to wander around and use your sign language skills to find an ATM.

Wondering where's the closest ATM?

Wondering where’s the closest ATM?

Hey but that’s not your only option. Download the TrailSmart app and check where should you go to finally get some cash. Actually, you can find information about all the services on the app – bus stations, post offices, markets, supermarkets and many other important places. And everything is there for you free of charge!


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