Hot Air Dreams

Everyone has a dream, usually more than one. And if you’re not afraid of heights at least one of your dreams should involve flying – a plane for the first time, a parachute, hot air balloon or anything else. And if hot air balloon is actually your dream, I have good and bad news for you. The good news is that I know just the right place to finally make this dream happen. The ‘bad’ one – it is in Turkey and if you haven’t flew the balloon yet, your first time must be there.


An ancient cities between mountains, hotels and restaurants actually built in rock and mountains, incredible nature and great weather most of the year. Cappadocia region in Turkey could be called a place to have it all. And it has just one more thing you may’ve been looking for – it has amazing walking trails for you to explore the region even better. Wild road from one cozy village to another one will give you a great opportunity to do that.

So since this is in you only need to plan your works and buy the ticket to finally reach one of your dreams. This time the start is in Cappadocia.


5405837692_fc1eb99631_bOh, and you can enjoy these nice pictures here:

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