How to Carry the World on Your Shoulders?

Since you are planning (I hope!) your big adventures, you are probably thinking what should you carry in your backpack. As you have to be prepared for everything on a hiking adventure, most likely you will carry the world there. Or at least a small part of your world. And so, you can do few things to make it easier – pack wisely (lite/smart/both) and choose the best backpack.

Depending on a trail you’ve chosen depends the size of a backpack you need. The thing you always want to consider is the weight of the backpack itself. And if the weight difference is not too big, you should move on to choosing the capacity. You may think the bigger the better, but not always. If your backpack fits a lot of things, it may lead you to carrying too much. Where a smaller backpack may be just enough for the beginning but too small for the final parts of your hike. What I would say is useful if you are not sure what size of a backpack to get is to pack most of the stuff and then buy a backpack just a bit bigger than all of that (because you’re always forgetting something until the last minute).

However, if you have a backpack already, but you aren’t sure it’s a good fit, try it out at home, try if you feel comfortable with it. If you do – well done, you will save another hundred dollars to spend during your hike. But if you decide you need a new one – use the opportunity wisely and buy the best backpack you like.

Even though choosing the backpack is not the same as choosing clothing and does not mainly depend on taste, your preferences are really meaningful when deciding about it. Mixing this with a research about the best backpacks will let you choose the best one for you.

Check out few videos on how to choose THE backpack and start looking for it.

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