Lively tourist town overlooking a drop-dead gorgeous bay, with constant comings-and-goings of both private and tourist boats. Located between Akbel and Bezirgan.


English is surprisingly common here, with many signs in English and a large British expat community.



Kalkan’s bus station is located just south (down from) the main road. It is quite large – if you aren’t sure where you should be waiting for your dolmuş, just ask anyone and they’ll point you in the right direction. Service to most destinations is fairly frequent.


Scenery is a major highlight of Kalkan. It’s nestled in a very attractive bay.


Swimming is available at Kalkan’s own small beach, as well as nearby at Kaputaş Beach (on the road to Kaş).


There’s a good selection of accommodations.


The Kleo Pension and the Courtyard Hotel Kalkan are both popular places that we’ve heard good things about.


Because it is a tourist town, it is a bit more expensive than non-tourist communities but generally still (mostly) reasonable. Lots of markets, restaurants (not surprisingly, fish restaurants are particularly common), and other services are available.

Tips & Recommendations

There are some very interesting hiking opportunities off the Lycian Way not far from Kalkan. For example, hiking Kaputaş Gorge, located about 4 km from town. Excursions to many attractions in the region can be arranged from Kalkan (as they can from Fethiye and Kaş).


The weekly market is on Thursdays, located near the bus station.


While Kalkan has become a very popular tourist resort, especially among the boating and diving set, it still retains a very Turkish flavor, with friendly people and not too much tourist ‘hustle’ (relatively speaking, at least!).


That said, as a general rule prices increase the closer you get to the harbour… restaurants and markets further up the hillside are equally excellent but usually cheaper (sometimes notably).


Here’s what we’re currently tracking for this community:
  • Annotated map for Courtyard Hotel Kalkan in Kalkan
    Courtyard Hotel Kalkan
  • Annotated map of Gül Pansiyon in Kalkan
    Gül Pansiyon
  • Annotated map of Kleo Pension in Kalkan
    Kleo Pension
  • Annotated map of Neruda Pansiyon in Kalkan
    Neruda Pansiyon
  • Annotated map of Old Town Hotel Kalkan in Kalkan
    Old Town Hotel Kalkan
  • Annotated map of Rhapsody Hotel in Kalkan
    Rhapsody Hotel
  • Annotated map of Türk Evi (Hotel) in Kalkan
    Türk Evi (Hotel)
  • Annotated map of White House Pension in Kalkan
    White House Pension

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  • View of Kalkan
    View of Kalkan
    Photo by 
    T Roszkowski
    Spring 2022
  • Approaching Kalkan from Delikkemer
    Approaching Kalkan from Delikkemer
    Photo by 
    Rebecca Scheer
    Fall 2022

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