Coastal town situated on a beautiful 2km long beach located between Karaöz and Çıralı, on the eastern side of the Gelidonya Peninsula.


This is becoming a popular tourist destination though it is still quiet and relatively unspoiled (lots of guesthouses but not a lot of big hotels yet). It is a popular place for scuba diving and deep sea fishing.



Dolmuş service is available during high season, but only sporadically during the rest of the year.


Adrasan has a nice beach if you are looking for some downtime.


Large number of guesthouses and hotels available. There’s also commercial campgrounds.


Restaurants, markets, drinking water, etc., are all available.


There are public showers available along the beach.


Here’s what we’re currently tracking for this community:
  • Annotated map of Lykia Edrassa Hotel & Restaurant in Adrasan.
    Lykia Edrassa Hotel & Restaurant
  • Annotated map of Adrasan.
    Meltem Otel Adrasan
  • Annotated map of No 1281 Boutique Hotel in Adrasan
    No: 1281 Boutique Hotel
  • Placeholder - No map available yet!
    Otto Palace
  • Annotated map of Portakal Bahçesi Bungalov (Orange Garden Bungalows) in Adrasan
    Portakal Bahçesi Bungalov (Orange Garden Bungalows)

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  • Nice view from beach in Adrasan
    Nice view from beach in Adrasan
    Photo by 
    Fall 2022
  • Hiker at the 'kissing dolphins' water fountain in Adrasan.
    Hiker at the ‘kissing dolphins’ water fountain in Adrasan
    Photo by 
    Alex Boatfield
    Sept 2022

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