Attractive village on the cliffside overlooking the self-named beach, located between Faralya and Alınca.


Despite this being a tourist community, the locals tend to be extremely friendly and helpful, and everything is very laid back.



Kabak sits on a steep hillside with what we refer to as the ‘upper village’ sitting well above the beach for which the village is known. For practical purposes, though, the village stretches all the way down the hillside to the beach, with accommodation options scattered anywhere that a flat piece of land can be found (and to plenty of places where there *aren’t* any flat land!).


Coming from Faralya, the Lycian Way’s main / official route enters Kabak’s upper village from the north.


If you’ve followed the unofficial coastal variant from Faralya, the trail enters directly to Kabak Beach, bypassing the ‘upper’ village.


If you are coming from Alınca, there are two variants (both official), with one entering via the upper village and the other via the beach.


There are several ways down the hillside with the official Lycian Way path following a winding, somewhat semi-circular route arcing to the east.


There are other, shorter options you could take if you wish that follow unpaved roads / tracks.


Dolmuş service is available from a pick-up point in the upper village, a bit to the east of Pedro Mama’s (restaurant / guesthouse).


Because of the beach and the general scenery, Kabak is a popular tourist destination — there are lots of places to stay in all budget categories, with a mix of resort-style accommodation, guesthouses, bungalows, commercial campsites, and even simple hammocks near the beach.


Wild camping is not permitted on the beach itself or in the adjacent woods, though it is not unusual to find people camping in the woods anyway.


There are plenty of restaurants with some very good traditional Turkish food. Most of the accommodation operators also provide food / beverage services, and some are excellent. The Olive Garden’s restaurant is very good and has a great deck overlooking the beach / bay.


There is a small mini-market next to Pedro Mama’s where you can top up on essentials. The selection is quite limited.


By Turkish standards, prices in Kabak tend to be on the high side.

Tips & Recommendations

Note that the beach area, where most of the accommodation is located, can often be quite noisy (often until late into the night).


Here’s what we’re currently tracking for this community:
  • Annotated map of Bağ Camp West of Kabak Beach
    Commercial Campground
    Bağ Camp
  • Annotated map of Kabak Valley Kamp in Kabak
    Commercial Campground
    Kabak Valley Kamp
  • Annotated map of Olive Garden Kabak in Kabak
    Hotel & Restaurant
    Olive Garden Kabak
  • Annotated map of Pedro Mama's in Kabak
    Pedro Mama’s
  • Annotated map of Sea Valley Bungalows in Kabak
    Sea Valley Camping
  • Annotated map of Secret Garden Kabak in Kabak
    Commercial Campground
    Secret Garden Kabak
  • Annotated map of Shiva Camp in Kabak
    Commercial Campground
    Shiva Camp
  • Annotated map of Sultan Camping in Kabak
    Sultan Camping
  • Annotated map of Turan Hill Lounge in Kabak
    Turan Hill Lounge

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  • View of Kabak Beach
    View of Kabak Beach
    Photo by 
    Darren Moens
    Fall 2022

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