Interesting or not?

The first days of any hike can be exhausting. You’re tired of constant walking, different scenery, new people and foreign culture. But as you go, you will feel better every day and the hunger for new attractions will rise.

If you carried out a decent research before going on the road, you will probably have all the attractions listed somewhere and know which you want to see or visit. But even if you did, I can assure you, there are more!

TrailSmart app has all of them listed. All you need to do is to download the app to your phone or tablet. That’s it. You can access all the information offline, so whenever you start to feel bored, check what’s there to see close to you. For example, if you are in Turkey exploring beautiful Cappadocia, you’ll have a list of 79 attractions for you. Churches, mosques, old cities, ruins – you are the only one to decide if it is interesting or not. Feel like going somewhere outside? Check the valleys section to see if you visited all of them.

Feel rebel today? Off-route trails are for you then!

Feel rebel today? Off-route trails are for you then!

Also, if you feel rebel today, check off-route trails for some lovely detours off the original trail. Who know, maybe the funniest adventure is waiting for you there?

This is only a small part of what TrailSmart has to offer. It is free, it is always on your phone and it has everything covered so try it and then just hike&chill (you will Netflix&chill when you get home).


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