Lycian Way: Kate Clow & the Creation of the Lycian Way

Kate Clow & the Creation of the Lycian Way

Some background info…

The Lycian Way (and its sister route, the Saint Paul Trail), was created by a British ex-patriot living in Antalya named Kate Clow. She came up with the idea for the Lycian Way, undertook the daunting task of getting political, community, and financial support for the project, assembled a team of volunteers to find the best route, waymarked the entire thing, added trail signposts at strategic locations, wrote a guide book, and actively promoted the trail.

‘Launched’ in 2000, the Lycian Way is now widely regarded as one of the top long-distance trails in the world. When you consider that Turkey has no real history of hiking, Kate’s accomplishment is all the more impressive.

Typical Lycian Way trail marker

Typical Lycian Way trail marker – Photo by Paul Roberts, Oct 2006

Kate and her team are still actively maintaining and improving the trail. Waymarking is an on-going task (existing waymarks are frequently lost due to construction or other causes) and sections are being tweaked regularly in pursuit of better paths. There seems to be a particular emphasis on trying to move the route off-road as much as possible.

The route is growing, too! In spring 2014, an extension of the route beyond Hısarçandır was announced, adding two additional days of trekking to Geyikbayırı (with its popular cliff climbing opportunities).

Kate also has a great reputation for helping trekkers with everything from information to (based on some hike blogs) even loaning out camping equipment — though perhaps you shouldn’t assume you can drop by and borrow her stuff! 🙂

Kate has a company called Trekking in Turkey ( where you can purchase her guide book (new editions are published every year or two) and other resources. Without Kate’s tireless work on the Lycian Way, the trail wouldn’t be possible — consider showing your support for all her efforts by buying her guidebook.