Lycian Way: Best of the West

Best of the West

A Great Mini-Trek



If you’ve only got about a week available, here’s an itinerary that covers some of the best parts of the western Lycian Way and gives a good mix of the different types of highlights: historic ruins, mountain trails, beaches, remote villages (and their friendly people), jaw-dropping coastal views, and so on.

It starts in Fethiye, which is a great city well worth spending some time exploring, goes through the ‘ghost town’ of Kayaköy to the official start in Ovacık (optionally via the world-famous beaches at Ölüdeniz), climbs up and around Babadağ (“Father Mountain”), passes beautiful Butterfly Valley, and over to Kabak Beach where you might opt to spend a day resting and swimming.

From there, you take a dolmuş (mini-bus) to Kalkan (nestled in a gorgeous bay), climb up steeply into the mountains and work your way through the highlands, and descend (dramatically) into Kaş.

This 83km itinerary involves 5 to 7 days of walking (depending on how good your ‘mountain legs’ are). If you are a relatively fast walker, you should probably have a day or two for possible side-trips (by dolmuş) to the ruins and beach at Patara and to visit the ruins at Letoon / Xanthos.

One option might be to take a dolmuş from Kabak to Kınık, see the Xanthos and Letoon ruins, and then take another dolmuş directly to Gelemiş (Patara Village), where you can see the Patara ruins and spend some time on Patara Beach. You can overnight in Gelemiş, then take a dolmuş in the morning to Kalkan to start the stretch to Kaş.

Dolmuş service between these communities is quick and excellent (though you might need to take a taxi, walk, or hitchhike from Xanthos to Letoon).

If you want more time elsewhere, you can drop the Fethiye – Ovacık stretch and add a day somewhere else, either on the Lycian Way trail or perhaps an excursion to Saklikent Gorge, a boat tour from Fethiye / Kaş, or even a long bus trip to Çıralı so that you can climb up to the burning flames at Chimaera (Olympos Burning Rocks) and explore the Olympos ruins.

Useful Stuff to Know…

Starting Location: Fethiye
Finishing Location: Kaş
Total Distance: 83.0 km
# Stages in Route: 7
# Sections in Route: 11
Avg Stage Distance: 11.9 km
Total Ascent: 3,890 m
Total Descent: 3,975 m
Longest Stage: #6 – 19.7 km
Shortest Stage: #3 – 5.7 km

Stage 01

Name Rank Distance Ascent Descent
12.0 km 720 m 465 m
Fethiye – Kayaköy Good 6.8 km 405 m 285 m
Kayaköy – Ovacık Good 5.2 km 315 m 180 m

Stage 02

Name Rank Distance Ascent Descent
12.5 km 730 m 700 m
Ovacık – Kirme Excellent 9.6 km 725 m 310 m
Kirme – Faralya Average 2.9 km 10 m 390 m

Stage 03

Name Rank Distance Ascent Descent
5.7 km 270 m 595 m
Faralya – Kabak Good 4.5 km 245 m 320 m
Kabak – Kabak Beach Average 1.2 km 25 m 275 m

Stage 04

Name Rank Distance Ascent Descent
9.9 km 795 m 110 m
Kalkan – Bezirgan Good 9.9 km 795 m 110 m

Stage 05

Name Rank Distance Ascent Descent
15.5 km 635 m 530 m
Bezirgan – Gökceören Average 15.5 km 635 m 530 m

Stage 06

Name Rank Distance Ascent Descent
19.7 km 675 m 935 m
Gökceören – Pınarbaşı Average 19.7 km 675 m 935 m

Stage 07

Name Rank Distance Ascent Descent
7.7 km 65 m 640 m
Pınarbaşı – Çukurbağ Average 980 m 5 m 100 m
Çukurbağ – Kaş Excellent 6.7 km 60 m 545 m

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