[SH2424] Gite Kayola

Gite Kayola

Between Saint Jean & Orisson


Coordinates: 43.117794, -1.238202 Click to open in Google


Private albergue with 15 beds located at the top of the climb from Huntto, before Orisson.

Owned and managed by the same people who own Orisson: Jean-Jacques Etchandy . You can arrange for meals at Orisson, though you’ll need to walk there and back (about 1.9km round-trip).

Core Details

Phone: +33 559 491 303
Mobile: +33 681 497 956
Email: refuge.orisson@wanadoo.fr
Website: www.refuge-orisson.com/en/index.html
Directions: About 1 km before Orisson, just after the main climb from Huntto.

Useful Stuff to Know…

Type: Albergue – Private
Region: No Regions
Seasonality: April to October
Other: Rates:
Per night: €15

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Coordinates (?): Good
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