Packing the backpack: to camel or not to camel?

One of the main struggles before any hike is how to properly pack all the things you might need. Sleeping bag, socks, sweatshirt, sneakers, cosmetics, etc. The list goes on and on. But where to stop? Are you ready to become a camel for the next weeks and have everything you might need? Or would you rather pack lightly and not worry too much about the stuff you did not take?

Are you ready to carry as much stuff as this camel in Cappadocia?

Are you ready to carry as much stuff as this Turkish camel is going to?

You never know the right answer until you go on the trail and see what did you forget or what was absolutely irrelevant. But one thing you can do here is to learn from other’s mistakes and lessons.

Here are some tutorials from people that have already taken the popular trails. You shouldn’t strictly follow their rules, but they might give you some smart insights.

Now go, watch and pack!


P.S. camel rests here:

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