[SH1480] Albergue Camping Urrobi

Albergue Camping Urrobi

Near Espinal & Burguete


Coordinates: 42.973068, -1.352286 Click to open in Google


Albergue and camping ground off-Camino but near both Espinal and Burguete. 42 beds (plus 60 beds in bungalows and approximately 800 camping spots). Amenities include washer & dryer, dinner, breakfast, swimming pool, and site-wide Internet.

Core Details

Address: Ctra Valcarlos Pamplona, ​​Km 42
Espinal, Navarra, Spain
Phone: +34 948 760 200
Email: info@campingurrobi.com
Website: www.campingurrobi.com/
Directions: Located off-Camino by about 1.5km east of Espinal and 2km south of Burguete. If you plan on staying here, you may be better walking south (technically south-southwest) from Burguete along N-135 (this is the main road through Burguete – you simply stay on it rather than turning right towards Espinal). The albergue is on your left just before the N-135 turns right towards Espinal.

Useful Stuff to Know…

Type: Albergue – Private
Region: No Regions
Seasonality: Season: April – October
Hours: Hours: 0900 – 22:00
Other: Rates:
Per Night: €11.75
Wifi: Included
Rates per website (July 2014)

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Reservations Accepted
Extended Stays Allowed
Credit Cards Accepted
Dinner Available
Breakfast Available
Hot Water Available
Clothes Washer Available
Clothes Dryer Available
Swimming Pool
Vending Machine
Pricing – Is Budget
Beds: > 25 & <= 50
Network Association Member

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