[SH2264] Akerreta Hotel

Akerreta Hotel

In Akerreta


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Family-run hotel / bed & breakfast in the hamlet of Akerreta in a building that was originally constructed in 1723. Nine double rooms and two single rooms available over two floors, all with private bathrooms equipped with hair dryers. Amenities include WiFi, computer, terrace / garden, laundry service, and in-house library.

The hotel does not publish their email address. However, you can contact them via email using their website contact form.

Core Details

Address: Calle Transfiguración, 11,
31698 Akerreta, Navarra, Spain ‎
Phone: +34 948 304 572 ‎
Website: hotelakerreta.com

Useful Stuff to Know…

Type: Hotel
Region: No Regions
Other: Single Rooms: €55 – €57.50
Double Rooms: €77 (pilgrim rate – excludes August and holidays)
Above rates include breakfast
Dinner: €19
Rates as of July 2014.

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Reservations Accepted
Extended Stays Allowed
Private Rooms Available
Dinner Available
Breakfast Available
Hot Water Available
Terrace / Garden / Courtyard
Computer Available
Public Phone
Pricing – Is Mid-Range
Pricing – Unknown
Beds: > 10 & <= 25
Open Year Round
Network Association Member

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Date Created (?): 29 Nov 2013
Date Last Updated (?): 30 Jul 2014
Content Accuracy (?): Good
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