[SH2149] Albergue Hemingway

Albergue Hemingway

In Pamplona


Coordinates: 42.811771, -1.636418 Click to open in Google


Private albergue in Pamplona with 30 beds (26 in bunks, plus 4 beds). Amenities include breakfast, washer/dryer, use of kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, wifi (included in rate), computers (extra cost), vending machine, and a bicycle area. Each bunk has its own plug and light. Tea and coffee available all day.

Opened in 2009, fully renovated in 2013. Managed by Javier, Nando, and Christine.

Core Details

Address: Calle Amaya, 26, piso primero
Pamplona, Spain
Phone: +34 948 983 884
Email: info@hostelhemingway.com
Website: www.hostelhemingway.com/
Directions: Located to the south of most of the Pamplona shelters, at the corner of Calle Amaya and Calle Felipe Gorriti, next to the municipal market (5 minute walk from the bullring, Cathedral, etc).

Useful Stuff to Know…

Type: Albergue – Private
Region: No Regions
Seasonality: Open all year except for Dec 22 to Jan 02.
Hours: Hours: 8:00 – 24:00 (check-in from noon)
Other: Rates:
Per night: €13 (room with 7 beds)
Per night: €15 (room with 6 beds)
Per night: €16 (room with 4 beds)
Breakfast: included
Bedding: included
Wifi – Included
Washer: €3
Dryer: €4
Rates provided by the albergue: April 2014.

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Reservations Accepted
Extended Stays Allowed
Private Rooms Available
24-Hour Access
Breakfast Available
Hot Water Available
Clothesline Available
Clothes Washer Available
Clothes Dryer Available
Kitchen Available for Guests
Refrigerator Available
Microwave Available
Common Room Available
Computer Available
Storage Lockers
Bicycle Area
Vending Machine
Pricing – Is Budget
Beds: > 10 & <= 25

Admin Stuff…

Date Created (?): 29 Nov 2013
Date Last Updated (?): 27 Apr 2014
Content Accuracy (?): Very Good
Completeness (?): Very Good
Coordinates (?): Good
TrekRight Status (?): Included

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  • 27 Apr 2014: All information updated / verified based on correspondence with the albergue.