St James of the Field of Stars

The name sounds familiar? It should! Did you know that Santiago de Compostela, the city you will walk to on the most popular pilgrimage route in Spain actually means St James of the field of stars? Bet there are more facts you never knew about this trail.


  1. Now people usually choose the trail they want to walk on, leading to Santiago. But traditionally they used to walk to Santiago straight from their home, wherever it would be.
  2. The yellow scallop shell, used as the sign of the trail, might be facing different ways in different regions. 14095242827_5ddf7a8f3c_k
  3. In order to receive Compostela certificate you need to walk at least 100km and cycle at least 200km to call yourself ‘bici-grino’ (bike-pilgrim). Although in order to receive it you’ll have to have your pilgrim passport stamped at least once a day.
  4. Certificate of welcome is given to hikers walking for cultural and non-religious reasons.
  5. The oldest route of Camino de Santiago is Camino Primitivo.
  6. Most famous route of Camino de Santiago is Camino Francés, starting in French Pyrenees.
  7. More than 250,000 people walk on Camino de Santiago every year. When are you going?

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