Things to Do in Santiago de Compostela

If you plan to go on Camino de Santiago you will definitely finish your hike in Santiago de Compostela. A city in northwestern Spain is really well known as the destination of Camino de Santiago, but this is not the only reason why you should visit Santiago. So what should you do in Santiago de Compostela?


  1. Visit the Cathedral. This Romanesque building with Gothic and baroque attributes is often called the heart of Santiago. This church is actually the fourth building standing in this place as the predecessors were torn down by the time. The stunning huge building will strike you with the majestic sculptures and architecture. All in all – it’s a must if you’re going to Santiago.
  2. Praza de Obradoiro. If you’re going to visit the Cathedral, you will also visit Praza de Obradoiro – the grand square in front of the cathedral. Area is free of restaurants and traffic, so don’t forget to take some water with you before visiting this spacious beauty. Take the walking map with you so you could walk around the courtyards open for visiting and see some more private part of the square.
  3. Catedralicio Museum. Again another thing you must visit once visiting the cathedral. Religious art as well as some well known paintings are definitely worth seeing.
  4. Mercado de Abastos. A local and lively food market is something you don’t want to miss. Fresh food made in front of your eyes and some really local vibes will remind you why you should love Spanish cuisine and lifestyle.
  5. Casco Historico. The historical center of the city is usually the place you want to wander around at. Find your favorite place to take pictures, have a coffee and just imagine how the life used to flow around and inside these old buildings.
  6. Museo das Peregrinacións e de Santiago. The museum of pilgrimage and Santiago is probably a place you want to see if you were a pilgrim yourself for the last few weeks. Exhibition of everything related to Santiago, the person and city and pilgrimage traditions sounds like something interesting!
  7. Café-Jardin Costa Vella is just a local restaurant known for its delicious breakfast served with nice views around.
  8. Abastos 2.0. An original restaurant, which could also be called a canteen is the place for you if you want to enjoy company and food. And of course, if you prefer sea food – this place is a must to see.


If you don’t have a lot of time to enjoy this historical city, you may want to try any of the free walking tours. It usually starts around midday in one of the central squares and takes you all around the best known places explaining the history and secrets of it.

So good luck and enjoy Santiago de Compostela! You deserve that.

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