TrailSmart Privacy Policy

TrailSmart: Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 22 Oct 2018

We take your privacy seriously. This privacy policy outlines what information is collected by TrailSmart and how / why we use it.

What We Collect

Except as noted below, TrailSmart does not collect any personally identifiable information about you and no information is transmitted to us. All data you enter into TrailSmart, such as notes, flags / ratings assigned to items, and so on, stays in the app.

The one exception is if you send us a feedback email generated from within TrailSmart. In that case, some information about TrailSmart and your device is pre-inserted in the feedback email.

This typically includes such information as:

  • The app name and version number
  • The name of the part of the app you were using when the Feedback email was generated
  • The name and version number of your current trail dataset
  • The name of your active route
  • Which offline map is currently in use and the number of offline maps currently installed
  • Whether TrailSmart is set to use metric or imperial for measurements
  • Your current coordinates
  • The name / model of your device and the operating system it is using
  • A screenshot of the screen from which the feedback email is generated

Other than the screenshot, all of the above information is inserted in the email as plain text and can be reviewed / edited by you prior to sending the email. The attached screenshot is in a standard image format and also can be reviewed or, if desired, deleted before sending the email.

In some circumstances, a feedback email may also include a copy of your active route. This attachment is not in a user-readable format but is named in a clear manner and can be deleted if desired prior to sending the email.

The Android version of TrailSmart uses Google Play Services. Here’s the link to their privacy policy:

Google Play Services

How We Use It

Feedback emails and the pre-inserted information listed above are used by us to assist with support issues, respond to feedback, discuss TrailSmart and long-distance trails with you, and for similar correspondence.

We generally retain copies of all correspondence so that we have a history of our conversations with you, which helps with subsequent support inquiries and similar communications. We do not share any of the information we collect from you with third parties without your explicit permission (for example, we sometimes quote feedback in our trail content if you give us permission to do so) or unless required to do so by law or legal process.

Security of Your Information

Feedback emails are sent using your default email app on your device and thus are typically transmitted as unsecured plain text. Please keep in mind that any information you include within the feedback emails could be intercepted by third parties. Once received by us, we use reasonable technical and administrative measures to protect the information contained within the feedback emails. However, no measures are perfect and we do not recommend that sensitive information be sent to us via emails.

Opting Out From Future Correspondence

If you no longer wish to receive any correspondence from us, please contact us via the email address listed below.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about how we handle data and privacy, please contact us at