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Remember those times you’d go to your friend’s house to see a long (and not always interesting) slideshow of pictures from their trip? If you’re still doing that today – good job at sticking to traditions! But if you’re not, you probably send or post few pictures you take with your phone. And even though the picture is always about the object, there are some tricks you could use to make it even better.

First of all, sometimes the scenery you try to capture is too beautiful to be fit in single shot. This is when you have to try panoramic and 360 degrees pictures. Most likely you will be able to take panoramic picture with your phone, but for quality 360 degrees shot you’ll have to download an app. These pics are not the best ones to be shared online, since quality may be worse than you expect, but definitely something to send to your family. If there’s someone you wish could be with you, these types of shots are the ones to let them see the most of your adventures.

Panoramic pictures of sunny Camino de Santiago will help you capture all that you want to

Panoramic pictures of sunny Camino de Santiago will help you capture all that beauty.

If the picture needs some fixing, be it basic contrast or some serious repair, try Snapseed. So many different options there will let you do minor changes to express the moment better, apply some very nice filters or drastically update the picture. Tip: if you don’t feel fine with posting that best shot of you with a pimple or wrinkle somewhere, try healing tool from Snapseed.

Trying to capture the live moments, you may want to try Boomerang app. Mini videos looping back and forth is just what you need to make others smile when looking at your beautiful memories.

Saved the best for last – VSCO. Amazing quality editing app with the best filters. First of all, the basic package is free. And there’s just enough to make your picture library look more colourful and enchanting than ever before. Another pro of VSCO – it doesn’t have too many options. Why is it good? All the filters are so beautiful, it may take too long to choose the one, but imagine how long would it take with twice as much filter. Tip: they always update the filters adding some free ones as well, so if you feel like saving few dollars on new packages – just check the store if there are some new free ones available.

Even the most simple shot looks better with VSCO.

Even the most simple shot looks better with VSCO.

But hey, these are only few suggestions, share with us your favorite apps!

All you need now is to book your next trip.


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