[SH1550] Albergue Juvenil Oncineda

Albergue Juvenil Oncineda

In Estella


Coordinates: 42.664833, -2.034619 Click to open in Google


Private albergue in Estella with 120 places in bunks, plus another 23 in rooms. Dinner / breakfast available. Amenities include kitchen available for guest use, washer/dryer, refrigerator, microwave, Internet, computer, vending machine, and power outlets for charging your phone. There are 18 showers and 22 toilets available (1 per 6 guests).

Note: this is designated as a ‘youth hostel’ but it is open to all ages.

Operator is Amaya García. English, French, Italian, and Spanish are spoken. Opened in 1997.

Core Details

Address: Calle Monasterio de Irache, 11 bajo,
31200 Estella, Navarra, Spain
Phone: +34 948 555 022
Email: info@albergueestella.com
Website: www.albergueestella.com
Directions: At the roundabout about 100m after passing through Puerta de Castilla, turn right onto Calle Manasterio de Irache. Follow the road until it ends (about 300m).

Useful Stuff to Know…

Type: Albergue – Private
Region: No Regions
Seasonality: Season: April – November
Hours: Hours: 08:00 – 20:00 (reception from 12:00)
Other: Rates:
Per Night: €10
Private Room: €14
Dinner: €10
Breakfast: €5
Clothes Washer: €3
Clothes Dryer: €3
Sheets / Pillowcase: €2
Blankets: Included
Towels: €2
Internet: Included
Rates provided by the albergue: April 2014.


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Reservations Accepted
Reservations Recommended
Credential Required
Extended Stays Allowed
Private Rooms Available
24-Hour Access
Handicapped Access
Credit Cards Accepted
Dinner Available
Breakfast Available
Packed Lunches Available
Hot Water Available
Hand-Wash Laundry Facilities
Clothesline Available
Clothes Washer Available
Clothes Dryer Available
Kitchen Available for Guests
Refrigerator Available
Microwave Available
Coffee Machine Available
Common Room Available
Terrace / Garden / Courtyard
Computer Available
Storage Lockers
Bicycle Area
Sheets / Pillowcase
Vending Machine
Public Phone
Power Outlets (for batteries)
Mobile Coverage
Massage Services
Backpack Transfer Service
Pricing – Is Budget
Beds: > 100
Shower Ratio: > 5:1 & <= 8:1
Toilet Ratio: > 5:1 & <= 8:1

Admin Stuff…

Date Created (?): 29 Nov 2013
Date Last Updated (?): 13 Apr 2014
Content Accuracy (?): Very Good
Completeness (?): Very Good
Coordinates (?): Very Good
TrekRight Status (?): Included

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Admin Notes

  • 13 Apr 2014: All information updated based on correspondence with the albergue.
  • 06 Apr 2014: Updated content to match the albergue’s website.