What are the right boots for the big hike?

One of the main concerns before going on either a short hike or the hike of your life is how to choose the right footwear.

Google search for “hike footwear” will show you more than 5.5 million results with all the best boots you can choose from. Some sources will say that you must consider Vibram sole, Gore-Tex upper, all types of leather uppers, one or another brand, etc. But the truth is that even the perfect shoes will not hike themselves.

My 14-year-old friend once finished a 150km hike wearing the basic Converse All Stars sneakers. And trust me, her face in the end was just as happy as mine.

Crocs can be the perfect footwear for your hike.

Walking in Crocs between Arcade y Pontesampaio on the Camino Portugués

So, if you feel that Crocs is your best choice – got for it. Go even if you feel that your flip-flops will be enough. You will have enough time to contemplate about your footwear while you walk.

Just go.


P.S. Thanks for the picture, José: http://bit.ly/2rv9h8e


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