Best Hiking Movies for Autumn Nights

Since the summer has ended, your daily routine and activities are most likely facing some changes. Long cold autumn nights are perfect for planning big adventures. But once you’re done doing that, they are also perfect for great hiking movies. And if you are tired of crying watching the Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, here are some new recommendations. P.S. Into the Wild is not on this list.

Tracks. A fascinating story of the girls who decided to walk almost 2000 miles across the Australian desert with four camels and a dog just to find herself and enjoy the solitude. Beautiful cinematography, even more beautiful views and an amazing story will make you wonder about yourself.

Wild. Hollywood portrays long distance hiking as a cure from grief and inner problems. This is not an exception. A long, tiring and healing travel on the Pacific Crest Trail in order to find the inner peace, self respect and some reasons.

A Walk in the Woods. Finally something a bit more funny! A story of a man going on an Appalachian trail with little preparation to change something in his life. All the negative thoughts of people around him seem to be coming true as well as the reunion of old friends.

The Way. Probably the best known Hollywood movie about Camino de Santiago. It’s also a beautiful story about grief, friendship and search for inner peace, which is never simple.

The Way Back. This rather different hiking story is about prisoners of Soviet gulags in Siberia. An inevitable hike through Siberia and Mongolia is not a way to find your true self, it is the only possible way to stay alive and find forgiveness. A beautiful but horrifying story will amaze you as well as remind some darkest moments of XX century history.

Wildlike. The plot is similar to the movie Wild – an abused girl looking for herself and peace of mind hiking in Alaska. Except for the views – the picturesque settings will blow your mind away.

Well these are only few new suggestions to add to your long autumn nights movies’ list. There’s always movies like Dances With Wolves, 7 Years in Tibet or Castaway, but I’m sure you remember those yourself.

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St James of the Field of Stars

The name sounds familiar? It should! Did you know that Santiago de Compostela, the city you will walk to on the most popular pilgrimage route in Spain actually means St James of the field of stars? Bet there are more facts you never knew about this trail.


  1. Now people usually choose the trail they want to walk on, leading to Santiago. But traditionally they used to walk to Santiago straight from their home, wherever it would be.
  2. The yellow scallop shell, used as the sign of the trail, might be facing different ways in different regions. 14095242827_5ddf7a8f3c_k
  3. In order to receive Compostela certificate you need to walk at least 100km and cycle at least 200km to call yourself ‘bici-grino’ (bike-pilgrim). Although in order to receive it you’ll have to have your pilgrim passport stamped at least once a day.
  4. Certificate of welcome is given to hikers walking for cultural and non-religious reasons.
  5. The oldest route of Camino de Santiago is Camino Primitivo.
  6. Most famous route of Camino de Santiago is Camino Francés, starting in French Pyrenees.
  7. More than 250,000 people walk on Camino de Santiago every year. When are you going?

15116060526_047b525a37_kP.S. Pictures are here:


Travel slideshow

Remember those times you’d go to your friend’s house to see a long (and not always interesting) slideshow of pictures from their trip? If you’re still doing that today – good job at sticking to traditions! But if you’re not, you probably send or post few pictures you take with your phone. And even though the picture is always about the object, there are some tricks you could use to make it even better.

First of all, sometimes the scenery you try to capture is too beautiful to be fit in single shot. This is when you have to try panoramic and 360 degrees pictures. Most likely you will be able to take panoramic picture with your phone, but for quality 360 degrees shot you’ll have to download an app. These pics are not the best ones to be shared online, since quality may be worse than you expect, but definitely something to send to your family. If there’s someone you wish could be with you, these types of shots are the ones to let them see the most of your adventures.

Panoramic pictures of sunny Camino de Santiago will help you capture all that you want to

Panoramic pictures of sunny Camino de Santiago will help you capture all that beauty.

If the picture needs some fixing, be it basic contrast or some serious repair, try Snapseed. So many different options there will let you do minor changes to express the moment better, apply some very nice filters or drastically update the picture. Tip: if you don’t feel fine with posting that best shot of you with a pimple or wrinkle somewhere, try healing tool from Snapseed.

Trying to capture the live moments, you may want to try Boomerang app. Mini videos looping back and forth is just what you need to make others smile when looking at your beautiful memories.

Saved the best for last – VSCO. Amazing quality editing app with the best filters. First of all, the basic package is free. And there’s just enough to make your picture library look more colourful and enchanting than ever before. Another pro of VSCO – it doesn’t have too many options. Why is it good? All the filters are so beautiful, it may take too long to choose the one, but imagine how long would it take with twice as much filter. Tip: they always update the filters adding some free ones as well, so if you feel like saving few dollars on new packages – just check the store if there are some new free ones available.

Even the most simple shot looks better with VSCO.

Even the most simple shot looks better with VSCO.

But hey, these are only few suggestions, share with us your favorite apps!

All you need now is to book your next trip.


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Hot Air Dreams

Everyone has a dream, usually more than one. And if you’re not afraid of heights at least one of your dreams should involve flying – a plane for the first time, a parachute, hot air balloon or anything else. And if hot air balloon is actually your dream, I have good and bad news for you. The good news is that I know just the right place to finally make this dream happen. The ‘bad’ one – it is in Turkey and if you haven’t flew the balloon yet, your first time must be there.


An ancient cities between mountains, hotels and restaurants actually built in rock and mountains, incredible nature and great weather most of the year. Cappadocia region in Turkey could be called a place to have it all. And it has just one more thing you may’ve been looking for – it has amazing walking trails for you to explore the region even better. Wild road from one cozy village to another one will give you a great opportunity to do that.

So since this is in you only need to plan your works and buy the ticket to finally reach one of your dreams. This time the start is in Cappadocia.


5405837692_fc1eb99631_bOh, and you can enjoy these nice pictures here:

Begin With Choosing a Continent

Been wondering where that strange Aussie shampoo you always see in your bathroom comes from? Or been trying to figure out why the Spanish tapas is the most popular snack there but also means a cover? Or have you ever tried the real English breakfast in England? I bet there are so many things you haven’t known or done yet. And even though you can learn most of it online, from the books, in those new restaurants and pretty much everywhere else, learning while travelling is the most fun.

Look for the free walking tour to get the most of your wandering.

Look for the free walking tour to get the most of your wandering.

Tour crowds aren't always scary and stereotypical.

Tour crowds aren’t always scary and stereotypical.

If you’re also fond of active leisure, you might consider most suitable and popular trails in any country you always wanted to visit, be it in Europe, Asia, Australia or any other place in the world. Once you found the right trail, I am sure you will know how to explore what locals have to offer.

And one more tip before leaving – all those big cities you probably going to fly to and from have the free walking tours. After the long exhausting walk for days, another 2 hours of live history and geography lesson will not make a big change. But it will to your adventurous soul!

Exploring local cuisine is something you will always enjoy.

Exploring local cuisine is something you will always enjoy.

P.S. Find all the pictures here:

The Greatest Walk of Your Life

Have you been feeling you need a change recently? A new job, apartment, country? I’d say go for a different continent! At least for a short while. And is there a better way to do that than going for a walk there? Let’s say a very long 104 km long walk on the Great Ocean Walk in Australia.

A new trip is the most helpful way to brighten your life.

A new trip is the most helpful way to brighten your life.

Australia is usually on everyone’s list of places they want to visit. If you already live there – cheers and congrats, haha. But if you don’t, you may have been looking for a reason or the right time to go there. There are a lot of reasons – nature, cultural life, ocean, animals, etc. I bet you can easily think of more. And the right time is always the same – it is now.

One of the most popular and most stunning walking trails in this far away country is the Great Ocean Walk. Joining two Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford it is suitable for both, hikers and runners. And most surely for everyone who wants to enjoy the picturesque Australian nature.

Since the distance is not very long, this walk may not take too many days, so you can spend the rest exploring other parts of Australia. But anyways you need to plan this walk in advance. The best way to do that is downloading TrailSmart app. Most useful maps (which are also available offline), detailed descriptions of places, things to do, accommodations and tips are all there as well as all the tools to plan your trip.

It's called the great for a reason.

It’s called the great for a reason.

P.S. Thanks for the pictures, Mike:

When to save for the trip?

You’ve probably been wondering how much money do you need for this amazing trip you were planning for the next winter/spring/summer/fall. There’s always the pricey part of plane tickets and transportation, which is especially relevant if you don’t enjoy looking for the best flight deals. There’s also accommodation, which you surely want to be cute. And who could travel without exploring local cuisine, so you also have to add money for restaurants and bars to your future expenses’ list.

Once you add everything up, depending on your needs and country you plan to visit, you will end up with either average, high or very high amount of money you need for your next trip. Then you start saving money for this adventure and wait until the right time comes.

Plane tickets might cost a lot. But you can find amazing deals - just check.

Plane tickets might cost a lot. But you can find amazing deals – just check.

But what if you saved before and during the trip? Spend some time analyzing the plane tickets you need and buy the best one. You may even have to consider a longer layover, which could help you save another hundred of dollars. And what about saving on the accommodation? Instead of 5 star hotel, choose 4 star with the best review score. Instead of the private dorm room, choose the nicest dorm in the hostel. And of course food. Why should you go to the overpriced restaurants and bars on the main tourist streets? Ask tips for your new local friends – they will be glad to help you find the best and not overpriced restaurant.

Look for the best reviews, not the highest number of stars of the hotel.

Look for the best reviews, not the highest number of stars of the hotel.

So if you start saving now and keep on doing while you travel, I’m sure you will leave way earlier and will enjoy the same amazing adventures.



Pleasure of West Highland

You know the small cute white puppies called Westies, right? Well West Highland White Terrier is their actual name to be precise. And as a matter of fact, they really come from West Highland in Scotland.

The cute Westies come from West Highland, which you can explore on the West Highland Way

The cute Westies come from West Highland, which you can explore on the West Highland Way

And not only they come from Scotland’s West Highlands. Among with the number of things coming from West Highlands, the most popular trail in Scotland is in the same area. West Highland Way, 151 km long historical route attracts the most lovers of active leisure in Scotland. Starting at Milngavie, close to Glasgow, it finishes in Fort William and offers best introduction to the beautiful Highlands of Scotland.

West Highland Way is the best introduction to Scottish Highlands

West Highland Way is the best introduction to Scottish Highlands

This route is perfect for your spring or summertime adventure – it can be taken anytime since March until October and should take you 5-9 days to hike all the distance. But wouldn’t it be fun to challenge yourself to do that faster? Or see more?

From March to October - choose the time and enjoy the authentic historical walk.

From March to October – choose the time and enjoy the authentic historical walk.

You still have time to go on this beautiful trail this year and even more time to plan your trip for the next year!

P.S. Pictures are here:

A to Z or Z to A?

Just as every stick has two ends, every trail has two as well. And still there’s usually a most common way to go on a hike on a well known trail. For example Cotswold Way, England’s national trail, is usually done North to South, but this does not mean that’s the right way to do it.

Chippin Campden is perfect for a day, weekend or week runaway.

Chippin Campden is perfect for a day, weekend or week runaway.























Chipping Campden in the North is a small market town where most of the people start their Cotswold Way journey. This elegant and picturesque small city is perfect for a short runaway from reality. Oh but Bath in the South is a famous historical town with stunning architectural heritage incorporated into everyday western culture life.

The small green town is the place to have rest from big cities.

The small green town is the place to have rest from big cities.























Here’s the place where you need to choose what’s better for you. Weather you want to enjoy the beautiful old town of Bath full of energy before you start hiking, or to runaway from bigger towns for a while and have an easy lazy day or two in Chipping Campden before you start the Cotswold adventure.

You must spend time in Bath to admire its' architectural heritage.

You must spend time in Bath to admire its’ architectural heritage.

So do not trust the opinion online saying you must start it in the North. Do your research and decide on your own.

And don’t forget TrailSmart app is here to help you wherever you decide you start the hike!

P.S. Thank you for the pictures, Sarah and Dave:



Paradise for two

People say you only get to know a person after you travel together. Dealing with stress, different environment, enjoying each other’s company is when you actually realise you may want to enjoy this for the rest of your life.

If you prefer active leisure and want to skip the resorts, but enjoy romantic time together in an unknown place, you should think about Cappadocia in Turkey. Ancient mountain city with actual buildings in caves, stunning nature and a lot of things to do is just what you need in order to explore one another.  And you will also have a perfect opportunity to be active and meet the locals and see the culture on number of different walking routes.

However, words can’t really describe the beauty of the place. Just see this magical video about couple’s experience in Cappadocia.