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Interesting or not?

The first days of any hike can be exhausting. You’re tired of constant walking, different scenery, new people and foreign culture. But as you go, you will feel better every day and the hunger for new attractions will rise.

If you carried out a decent research before going on the road, you will probably have all the attractions listed somewhere and know which you want to see or visit. But even if you did, I can assure you, there are more!

TrailSmart app has all of them listed. All you need to do is to download the app to your phone or tablet. That’s it. You can access all the information offline, so whenever you start to feel bored, check what’s there to see close to you. For example, if you are in Turkey exploring beautiful Cappadocia, you’ll have a list of 79 attractions for you. Churches, mosques, old cities, ruins – you are the only one to decide if it is interesting or not. Feel like going somewhere outside? Check the valleys section to see if you visited all of them.

Feel rebel today? Off-route trails are for you then!

Feel rebel today? Off-route trails are for you then!

Also, if you feel rebel today, check off-route trails for some lovely detours off the original trail. Who know, maybe the funniest adventure is waiting for you there?

This is only a small part of what TrailSmart has to offer. It is free, it is always on your phone and it has everything covered so try it and then just hike&chill (you will Netflix&chill when you get home).


P.S. The picture is waiting for you here:

Toggling Metric / Imperial in TrailSmart

Do you prefer seeing distances in metric? Or is imperial more your speed?

By default, TrailSmart uses the measurement system that your phone is currently using. Thus, most users from the UK will see imperial in TrailSmart by default. Most users from Spain would see metric. However, when you travel you might want to use the local measurement system so that you can see distances in TrailSmart in the same way you are seeing them locally. Toggling the system used by TrailSmart is easy.

Toggle Metric in TrailSmart

Just go to the Dashboard, tap on ‘App’, and then tap on the ‘Metric / Imperial’ label. The setting will toggle and (almost) everything in TrailSmart will immediately adjust.

Got a suggestion on how we can make TrailSmart better for your needs? Let us know!

TrekRight – Android Versions Now Available in Google Play!

We’re happy to announce that TrekRight is now available for Android phones and tablets through the Google Play store. Apps are available for the Camino Francés, Lycian Way, and Cotswold Way long-distance trails.

Here are some screenshots:

This is the Home screen for the Camino Francés:
Camino Francés Home Screen

And for the Cotswold Way:
Cotswold Way Home Screen

This is a zoomed-out map showing part of the Lycian Way – it gives a nice sense of the general terrain:
Lycian Way Zoomed-out Map

And here’s a much more zoomed-in map of a part of the Cotswold Way:
Cotswold Way Zoomed-in Map

The Routes module lists all of the available routes for the trail. We pre-define the most common routes for you though you can also create custom routes yourself. Here are the pre-defined routes for the Camino Francés:
Camino Francés Routes Module

And here are the Lycian Way’s pre-defined routes:
Lycian Way Routes Screen

The ‘Trekopedia’ is our trail encyclopedia. The top level looks like this:
Cotswold Way Trekopedia Categories

Here’s a screenshot of the details available for an accommodation item:
Lycian Way Accommodation Item Top of Screen

More details for the same item:
Lycian Way Accommodation Item Bottom of Screen

Here’s an elevation profile chart for the Camino Francés:
Camino Francés Elevation Profile

There’s much more, of course — TrekRight is a very comprehensive app designed to help you focus on simply enjoying your walk.

All feedback on TrekRight is highly appreciated! Tell us what you like about TrekRight. Tell us what we should improve. Your feedback helps us make TrekRight better.

TrekRight v1.8 Submitted to App Store!

TrekRight version 1.8 has been finished for both the Camino de Santiago and the Lycian Way apps. New versions of both have been submitted to the App Store and are simply waiting on review / approval by Apple. It normally takes 5-7 days, so the apps should show up in the App Store sometime around this weekend assuming there are no issues.

This major release adds significant functionality to TrekRight, fixes a few bugs, and includes updates on much of the content.

We recommend everyone update to this new version.

Note: When you update TrekRight, all of the ‘reference’ information will be replaced with our updated content. However, your own data is not affected. Thus, any notes you’ve added or any routes you’ve defined or modified will still be there. The same applies to any ‘Ratings’, Flags, or other values that you can change (user information is stored separately and thus is not affected by updates to the app).

IMPROVED: Routes Module

If you want to customize one of the pre-built routes (such as the popular Brierley or Eroski routes on the Camino), it is now much easier and more flexible. Choose where you want to start and finish and select which sections you want to use (not everyone wants to walk the same exact route). Easily adjust the stage breaks to suit your own speed and preferences. And more. [This is only ‘new’ in the Camino version; it was already in the most recent Lycian Way version]

ADDED: Santiago ‘City Walk’

For the Camino version, we’ve created an in-depth ‘city walk’ of Santiago de Compostela, including a route that appears on the Map, details about just about every notable attraction in the city, and so on. There’s also an ebook version of the guide available (free) here on the website. To do the ‘city walk’ within TrekRight, just select it in the Routes listing.

CONTENT: Lots of Updates

We are continuing to actively update the content of TrekRight, for both the Camino and Lycian Way. For this release, there are more updates to the Camino version (about 800!), though there are also about 200 updates to the Lycian Way version.

FIXED / OTHER: Minor Bugs / Tweaks

A handful of minor bugs have been fixed and there have been small tweaks throughout TrekRight.

Let us know if you encounter any problems or want to recommend new features. TrekRight is being actively worked on, so your feedback and ideas are always greatly appreciated.

Of course, all of our content remains available here, online. Contact us any time to suggest content changes, submit photos or other content of your own, or just to chat.

Thanks to everyone who sent us feedback and helped with testing for this latest version of TrekRight.