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Packing the backpack: to camel or not to camel?

One of the main struggles before any hike is how to properly pack all the things you might need. Sleeping bag, socks, sweatshirt, sneakers, cosmetics, etc. The list goes on and on. But where to stop? Are you ready to become a camel for the next weeks and have everything you might need? Or would you rather pack lightly and not worry too much about the stuff you did not take?

Are you ready to carry as much stuff as this camel in Cappadocia?

Are you ready to carry as much stuff as this Turkish camel is going to?

You never know the right answer until you go on the trail and see what did you forget or what was absolutely irrelevant. But one thing you can do here is to learn from other’s mistakes and lessons.

Here are some tutorials from people that have already taken the popular trails. You shouldn’t strictly follow their rules, but they might give you some smart insights.

Now go, watch and pack!


P.S. camel rests here:

Visit the history

Have you ever noticed that streets are not blocked everywhere? In fact, ages ago there were paths, later – some roads and only now we enjoy nice (hopefully) streets.

The main thing about all the unblocked cities or villages is the age. Imagine walking on the path that used to be (or maybe still is) the main way for local shepherds or fishermen. The path that has been used for more literally thousand years.

Although this sounds fascinating, it is easy to do! Just plan you trip and start exploring the history.

Streets of Viana (La Rioja) count millenniums, not ages.

Streets of Viana (La Rioja) count millenniums, not ages.

















Past meets present: Cappadocia.

Past meets present: Cappadocia.

And even though history does not always mean culture, you never know until you explore!


Hadrian's Wall was started being built in 122AD.

Hadrian’s Wall was started being built in 122AD.

P.S. Thanks for the great pictures:

Best Companions

Every trip depends on the company. Yes, company of yourself is the most important, but you will always meet more wandering souls on the road.

Wildlife Park on the Great Ocean Walk

Wildlife Park on the Great Ocean Walk

This time I’m not talking about fellow hikers… You will not be able to avoid insects and animals on any hike. Some mosquitos (don’t forget the repellent), “friendly” flies, and village dogs are everywhere. But how many times better is your day going to be after seeing deer, sheep, wild horses, or even gorillas? Mine would be like a million times better, but the actual number depends on you.

And all you need to do is just go and explore. Choose the path you’ve never taken, check all the attractions there are, and go see them.

Bunch of sheep on the Camino de Santiago.

Bunch of sheep on the Camino de Santiago.

Find the great pictures right here:


Best place to stay

Everyone has different requirements for the housing while travelling. People look for queen size beds, fancy restaurants, picturesque settings, hostel vibes and many other things. Let’s not forget the group that only needs the lowest possible price (and that is completely normal!).

However, on some trails you can’t choose. There will be times when a tent, hostel (or albergue) or the closest B&B is going to be your only option. But it surely does not mean you’re not going to enjoy it.

Have you ever stayed in a hostel inside a huge church? This surely does not sound bad, does it?

If you ever decide to stop in Roncesvalles (on Camino de Santiago), this albergue is THE place to stay.

If you ever decide to stop in Roncesvalles (on Camino de Santiago), this albergue is THE place to stay.












What about a tent in the middle of the beach in Turkey with the most amazing sky you have ever seen?

Turkish night sky full of stars. Probably the best roof one could have over his head.

Turkish night sky full of stars. Probably the best roof one could have over his head.






Old authentic B&B with English breakfast is also going to make you wish you could stay longer.

You have stay in a British B&B at least once in your life. If you don't know why then you just MUST.

You have to stay in a British B&B at least once in your life. If you don’t know why then you just MUST.

So, whatever are your housing preferences, some of them will have to go. But is the housing really the most important part of the hike? As long as you have the roof over your head, you will be just fine!

P.S. If you need help with housing, download our TrailSmart app. We have plenty of housing options listed for every trail.

P.P.S Check out those beautiful pictures here:

When is the right time to go?

Of course you have been wondering: when is the right time to go on a hike? And really, when is it?

Is it during spring? Everything is green, you need to lose those few extra pounds and wake up from that long winter sleep. No?

Maybe Summer? Sun will (most likely) be shining, everyone around will be hyped and the vacation feeling will just be there in the air, so why not to use it. Don’t feel like it?

Fall will strike you with amazing colors, weather will not be too hot and the adventurous summer vibes will still be there to make your trip even more memorable. Something’s not right?

Nothing can beat the colors of fall.

Nothing can beat the colors of fall in Cotswold.

Well there’s always winter waiting. Snowy sceneries, chilly weather and slowed down pace can help you run away from everyday routine.

Wintry Camino de Santiago will leave you breathless.

Wintry Camino de Santiago will leave you breathless.

I think there’s no right answer to the question. The main thing to remember is that the fear of wrong decision cannot hold you down. Don’t look for reasons not to go, it is going to be amazing anyways.


P.S. Find these great pictures here:

Local cuisine

Everybody goes on an adventure for different reasons. If your Facebook bio says you’re a “foodie” you will probably go on a hike to explore what local markets, restaurants and canteens have to offer. And you will be 100% right to do that (except for using the word “foodie” anywhere in public).

Spanish sea food paella after a long day - can there be anything better?

Spanish sea food after a long day – can there be anything better?

Whichever trail you choose, you are going to meet more local people and find more unexplored restaurants than you’ve ever expected. And go ahead, try everything. Order full table of local soups, salads, desserts and anything else you want. Find your favorites, find the dish you will never ever try again.

Just remember that hiking is not only about the hike. It’s about feeling the local way of living as well.

Don't expect a cake for the dessert in Turkey.

Don’t expect a cake for the dessert in Turkey.


P.S. Thanks for the pictures, Or and Stijn:



What are the right boots for the big hike?

One of the main concerns before going on either a short hike or the hike of your life is how to choose the right footwear.

Google search for “hike footwear” will show you more than 5.5 million results with all the best boots you can choose from. Some sources will say that you must consider Vibram sole, Gore-Tex upper, all types of leather uppers, one or another brand, etc. But the truth is that even the perfect shoes will not hike themselves.

My 14-year-old friend once finished a 150km hike wearing the basic Converse All Stars sneakers. And trust me, her face in the end was just as happy as mine.

Crocs can be the perfect footwear for your hike.

Walking in Crocs between Arcade y Pontesampaio on the Camino Portugués

So, if you feel that Crocs is your best choice – got for it. Go even if you feel that your flip-flops will be enough. You will have enough time to contemplate about your footwear while you walk.

Just go.


P.S. Thanks for the picture, José:


Camino Francés – Large Content Update


Estrella, Sept 2005 – Photo by José Antonio Gil Martínez

Today we released a very large content update for the Camino Francés involving more than 60 newly added or updated albergues, and many other tweaks and improvements.

Our thanks to the many people who sent us feedback on albergues and other Camino-related items. Your help is much appreciated! Our extra thanks go out to Jason Richardson, Sally Grimmett, and Sergei P. who all went above-and-beyond in providing amazing feedback.

Buen Camino!

TrekRight v1.8 Submitted to App Store!

TrekRight version 1.8 has been finished for both the Camino de Santiago and the Lycian Way apps. New versions of both have been submitted to the App Store and are simply waiting on review / approval by Apple. It normally takes 5-7 days, so the apps should show up in the App Store sometime around this weekend assuming there are no issues.

This major release adds significant functionality to TrekRight, fixes a few bugs, and includes updates on much of the content.

We recommend everyone update to this new version.

Note: When you update TrekRight, all of the ‘reference’ information will be replaced with our updated content. However, your own data is not affected. Thus, any notes you’ve added or any routes you’ve defined or modified will still be there. The same applies to any ‘Ratings’, Flags, or other values that you can change (user information is stored separately and thus is not affected by updates to the app).

IMPROVED: Routes Module

If you want to customize one of the pre-built routes (such as the popular Brierley or Eroski routes on the Camino), it is now much easier and more flexible. Choose where you want to start and finish and select which sections you want to use (not everyone wants to walk the same exact route). Easily adjust the stage breaks to suit your own speed and preferences. And more. [This is only ‘new’ in the Camino version; it was already in the most recent Lycian Way version]

ADDED: Santiago ‘City Walk’

For the Camino version, we’ve created an in-depth ‘city walk’ of Santiago de Compostela, including a route that appears on the Map, details about just about every notable attraction in the city, and so on. There’s also an ebook version of the guide available (free) here on the website. To do the ‘city walk’ within TrekRight, just select it in the Routes listing.

CONTENT: Lots of Updates

We are continuing to actively update the content of TrekRight, for both the Camino and Lycian Way. For this release, there are more updates to the Camino version (about 800!), though there are also about 200 updates to the Lycian Way version.

FIXED / OTHER: Minor Bugs / Tweaks

A handful of minor bugs have been fixed and there have been small tweaks throughout TrekRight.

Let us know if you encounter any problems or want to recommend new features. TrekRight is being actively worked on, so your feedback and ideas are always greatly appreciated.

Of course, all of our content remains available here, online. Contact us any time to suggest content changes, submit photos or other content of your own, or just to chat.

Thanks to everyone who sent us feedback and helped with testing for this latest version of TrekRight.

Updated Route Around Pedrouzo

I’ve updated the Camino Francés route around Pedrouzo today. The previous route passed directly through the town, which (while common) isn’t actually the official route. Now, the route correctly passes north of town. However, I’ve added an optional detour section that you can take through Pedrouzo if you are overnighting there or if you need supplies.

These changes affect Santa Irene to Pedrouzo and Pedrouzo to Lavacolla. The new detour section is here.

Thanks to Ron Langman for pointing out the incorrect path we previously had. (Personally, I prefer to walk through Pedrouzo, but the official route does go north of it.)