Fatma’s Pansiyon
In Bel

Friendly, very popular family-run pension in Bel.


Look for the mustard/orange-painted house on the southern edge of the village.

+90 553 271 48 59
+90 539 693 33 85


In the common room is a kitchen with fridge, sink, and dishes, but no cooktop. WiFi available. Shower has hot water.


They also have some tent spaces available.


Operated by Fatma and her husband. Open all year.

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  • Fatma at Fatma’s Pansiyon in Bel.
    Fatma at Fatma’s Pansiyon in Bel
    Photo by 
    Fall 2022
  • Fatma getting a meal ready at Fatma's Pansiyon in Bel
    Fatma getting a meal ready at Fatma’s Pansiyon

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