Small City
At the western edge of the Lycian Way

City of about 80,000 people on the western end of Turkey’s famed Turquoise Coast. Fethiye is a major tourist centre and is especially popular during the summer.


The map shows the historic district which is where most people stay. The rest of the city (the much bigger non-touristy part) is to the east / northeast.



For most visitors, the heart of Fethiye is the south-west ‘old town’ / historical district of the city, near its busy marina. That is where most of the restaurants, hotels / guesthouses, nightlife spots, markets, and so on are located.


At the south of the historical district is a large hill atop which sits the ruins of a castle. That can be seen from almost anywhere in the district and can be used to orient yourself. At the north end of the district is the busy marina.


Extending west along the shoreline are a couple of smaller districts filled largely with additional hotels and guesthouses. These are in walking distance, linked by a shoreline road.


The historical district is very walkable and nice to explore. There’s generally something of interest anywhere you wander.


Optional start / finish point: Fethiye is where most people begin or finish their Lycian Way trek. While the official start / endpoint is in nearby Ovacık, this is the main arrival / departure point on the Lycian Way’s west end. A popular one-day ‘extension’ hike is available connecting Fethiye and Ovacık via Kayaköy (with its interesting ‘ghost town’ ruins). If you want to skip this extension, frequent dolmuş service is available between Fethiye and Ovacık.


Trailhead: We treat the base of the hill atop which sits the above-mentioned castle ruins as the trailhead for Fethiye.


Note: there is nothing here to mark this as a trailhead – it is simply as good a place as any for those planning to start or finish in Fethiye rather than Ovacık. Its main benefit is that it is easy to find since the castle at the top of the hill can be seen from just about everywhere in Fethiye.


Getting In / Out: If you are coming from western or northern Turkey (including from the airport in Dalaman), you’ll likely arrive into Fethiye at the main otogar (bus station). Regrettably, this is about 1.5km from the main part of town where you will likely be staying (the marina / old town area). You need to walk west or catch a dolmuş (mini-bus) to get to the historical district.


If you come from the east (such as from Kaş or Ölüdeniz), you’ll usually be dropped off at the main dolmuş stop for the area–which is much closer to everything. From there, you will likely only have a short walk.


Regional hub: Fethiye is a major connection point in the region, so there are coach-style buses connecting to destinations throughout Turkey.


Fethiye also has excellent dolmuş (mini-bus) service to local destinations through the Lycian Way region, including to many (but not all) villages along the trail.


Fethiye is located on the site of the ancient city of Telmessos and many of the ruins in the city date from that period. There are also notable Roman ruins, including the 2nd century amphitheater located near the marina.


Notable attractions in Fethiye include strolling along its harbour / marina, exploring the ruins of Fethiye Castle overlooking town, visiting the Lycian tombs built into the cliff face at the back of the city, relaxing in the Old Turkish Bath, sampling the great food available in town, or visiting the small but excellent museum (with some outstanding archeological exhibits).


You can also take a boat tour of the nearby islands–the popular 12-island tour is very nice. An excursion up to Saklikent Gorge is also very worthwhile. There are several good beaches in the area. Also, you might consider an excursion to visit Butterfly Valley.


There is a busy weekly market on Tuesdays which can be fun to explore, but don’t expect to find many bargains–it’s mostly oriented to tourists.


Large selection of hotels, guesthouses, and hostels available. Most are clustered in or near the historical district.


Blue Bells and El Camino are popular hostel options. We’ve had good feedback about Tan Pansiyon .


Not surprising given its size and its status as a tourist destination, Fethiye has a full range of amenities.


There’s a huge number of  great restaurants and markets, plus pharmacies, post office, nightlife, and so on.


Most amenities are in the historical district and generally everything is within a short walk.

Tips & Recommendations

Stop by the fish market to buy a fresh fish for dinner, then take it to one of the adjacent restaurants where they’ll cook it for you to your specifications.


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    Amintas Hostel & Motel
  • Map showing hotel location.
    Belci City Residence
  • Annotated map showing Blue Bells Hostel in Fethiye.
    Blue Bells Hostel
  • Map - Exelans Hotel in Fethiye lvl 17
    Exelans Hotel
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    Sakura Hostel & Pub

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  • View over Fethiye.
    View over Fethiye
    Photo by 
    Darren Moens
    Oct 2022
  • Impressive cliffside tomb in Fethiye.
    Impressive cliffside tomb in Fethiye
    Photo by 
    The Trekopedia Team
  • Fethiye's busy harbour.
    Fethiye’s busy harbour
    Photo by 
    Darren Moens
    Oct 2022
  • Roman amphitheatre in Fethiye.
    Roman amphitheatre in Fethiye
    Photo by 
    Darren Moens
    Oct 2022
  • Street life in Fethiye.
    Street life in Fethiye
    Photo by 
    Darren Moens
    Oct 2022
  • Fethiye market
    Fethiye Market
    Photo by 
    Darren Moens
    Oct 2022
  • Good view of tombs and city in Fethiye.
    Good view of tombs and city in Fethiye
    Photo by 
    The Trekopedia Team
  • Lycian sarcophagus near cultural centre in Fethiye.
    Lycian sarcophagus near cultural centre in Fethiye
    Photo by 
    The Trekopedia Team

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