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Some considerations to keep in mind when packing for the Lycian Way.


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Backpack on trail between Ovacık and Kirme.
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For the most part, packing for the Lycian Way is no different than for any other long-distance hike. However, the following tips take into consideration the specific nature of the Lycian Way:

Boots: A good pair of sturdy hiking boots is highly (very highly) recommended. Wear a pair with good ankle support and solid soles. It is very rocky on much of the route and the trail surface just eats through regular shoes. Hiking sandals are not recommended as they generally won’t last anywhere near a full hike. Also, exposed toes are always a hazard on this trail as you’ll almost certainly inadvertently be kicking plenty of stones.

Hiking poles: Not all hikers like to use hiking poles. You can certainly do the Lycian Way without them. However, for most people, a pair of good-quality hiking poles will make life much easier. There are many places where having two poles to assist with balance can make a significant difference. Also, they take a huge amount of stress off of your knees and back when on steep ascents and (especially) on steep descents. If you bring some rubber tips to put on the poles while in communities you might not make any new friends but you’ll definitely avoid making any new enemies. 🙂

Clothing: Southern Turkey is generally quite warm (and, in summer, very warm). However, much of the Lycian Way ascends to some very high elevations. Snow, for example, will often still be present near the highpoint of Tahtalı Dağı even as late as May. At night it can get chilly in the mountains even during the height of summer. Bring layers of clothing, especially if wild camping. In late fall or early spring it can be very cold in the mountains. A sun hat and sunglasses are recommended all year round to protect your eyes.

Pack for balance: Pack so the weight is kept low, on your hips (not your shoulders), and to keep your center of balance as low as possible. Try to avoid putting sleeping bags or bedrolls on the top of your pack as you might do on a regular hike. While ‘packing low’ is pretty standard practice for long-distance hiking, it is particularly important on the Lycian Way because of the constant climbing and descending over uneven terrain – if your pack contents are shifting all around, it will make life on the trail miserable.

– Try to pack as lightweight as possible. You don’t need to over-do it, but be aware that every ounce / gram you have in your pack (or otherwise on your person) has to be carried every step of the way, up and down mountains, over craggy rocks, and through various other uneven surfaces. It adds up – a lot! Ultralight or near-ultralight gear can make things much easier.

– Some lightweight rope / twine can be very handy for reaching water in some of the deep cisterns / wells. Many cisterns do not have a rope – you have to bring your own. You’ll often need a container, too, though with some thought one of your other items can double as a small bucket. If you plan on drawing water from cisterns, a water filtration system is highly recommended.

Water: Always ‘look ahead’ in the notes on each section to evaluate your water requirements. Several sections have little or no reliable water, meaning you have to carry a full supply with you. Given how quickly a shortage of water can become a life-threatening situation, error on the side of caution. Take extra, despite the weight. Assume there might be delays (getting lost or minor injuries) and thus factor that into your estimate. 

Good trail food: The following are readily available along the Lycian Way and make for great trail food: bread, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh fruit, dried fruit, honey, nuts, sausage, various spreads, etc. Many pensions will happily create a packed lunch for you to take with you the next day containing much of the above and often some nice surprises. If you like to nibble as you go, eat the water-based items first (like tomatoes) to lighten the load.

Got any other Lycian Way-specific packing tips of your own that you think we should add to this list? Send them to us! 🙂
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