Resort community at the bottom of the hill from Ovacık and about 14 km south of Fethiye, famous for its outstanding 3km long pebble-style beach and picture-perfect lagoon.


The town itself is a pure tourist resort, with all that implies — packed with foreigners (especially Brits), fairly expensive, crowded, and everyone seems to be trying to separate you from your money. Still… that beach and lagoon really are spectacular. Plus, there are a lot of outdoor activities in which to partake.



To the trailhead: It’s about an hour walk alongside a busy paved road from the Lycian Way official western endpoint, though most just take a dolmuş (which are frequent). If you are coming from Ölüdeniz, just tell the driver ‘Likya Yolu’ (Lycian Way) and they’ll know where to drop you off.


Dolmuş service between Ölüdeniz and Hisarönü / Ovacık and Fethiye is frequent (you’ll rarely wait more than a few minutes).


There are some spectacular views of Ölüdeniz during the western portion of the Ovacık – Faralya section of the Lycian Way, as you make your way up (or down) and around Babadağ, the mountain which towers over the beach community.


There will be other beaches directly on the Lycian Way (notably, Patara Beach which is more isolated and peaceful), but none will have the mix of beach, nightlife, and activities (like paragliding) that you will find at Ölüdeniz.


There’s a large selection of accommodation options all crammed in a relatively small area plus some resorts stretched along the edge of the lagoon.


Most major amenities are available, including lots of restaurants, markets, a post office, and so on.

Tips & Recommendations

Prices tend to be higher the closer you are to the beach. Rates tend to be much better at the top of the hill in Ovacık.


Alert: Note that there have been extensive reports of aggressive packs of wildlife in the area, known to encircle you with that ‘lean and hungry’ look, and ready to pounce if you so much as make the briefest of eye contact.


Known by their scientific name of ‘salesmanicus paraglidica’, they are mostly harmless and can be safely ignored if you wish, though beware that if you feed them fairly large amounts of a special kind of paper they’ll snatch you, drag you high up the mountain at sometimes shockingly high speeds, and then, well, they’ll push you off… Fatalities are thankfully rare but it isn’t unusual to hear the screams of the many victims as they descend while onlookers do nothing more than just take photos. What a world we live in!


Here’s what we’re currently tracking for this community:
  • Annotated map of Blue Star Hotel in Ölüdeniz
    Blue Star Hotel
  • Annotated map of Lemon Tree Hotel in Ölüdeniz
    Lemon Tree Hotel

Pretty Pictures

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  • View over beach at Ölüdeniz
    View over beach at Ölüdeniz
    Photo by 
    The Trekopedia Team

How You Can Help

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