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Fethiye market
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Inflation & Rates Mentioned in Feedback Reports

Turkey has experienced significant inflation in recent years. In many cases, prices for accommodation and food are triple (or more) what they were not so long ago (using 2021 as a baseline, for example). If you are coming from outside Turkey, this won’t be quite so bad for you since exchange rates have also adjusted, in the opposite direction, but even accounting for improved exchange rates you’ll likely see notable increases in actual costs.

As you’ll see on our Accommodation pages, we encourage other hikers to send in feedback reports on what they paid for accommodation and other services so that others can have a better idea of what to expect. When looking at these rates, always take notice of the associated date and then account for inflation. In general, most places will have their prices relatively consistent with others – a place that had mid-range prices two years ago will probably still have mid-range prices now regardless of inflation. Thus, looking at outdated rates is still very helpful.

Carry Small Denominations

Bring small bills to pay for things. Always try to get smaller bills whenever you are in larger communities – you’ll have huge trouble trying to pay with large denominations in most small hamlets and villages.

Credit Cards

Lots of places along the Lycian Way won’t accept credit cards, especially in smaller / remote communities. Even if they say that accept credit cards, make sure you have enough cash on you to pay your bill in case their CC terminal is broken, the phone lines are down, or the Gods are offended over some of those things you said earlier in the day when you were lost for 45 minutes.

Buy Low, Sell High

In general, the further up a mountain that a market or café is located, the higher its prices will be. This is especially the case for remote vendors (like when buying from shepherds). If you need to be extra-frugal on your hike, then buy-low, sell-high consume-high.

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