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TrailSmart & TrekRight: Support

Run into any problems? Help is available!

Encountered problems? Or just have questions? We’re happy to help!

Some ‘self-help’ options include:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Detailed answers to many of the more common questions we’re asked. We recommend checking here first.
  • TrailSmart’s built-in help – The Using TrailSmart category within TrailSmart’s ‘Trekopedia’ module contains a lot of useful information about the app, how to use the many features of the app, troubleshooting, tips, and so on.

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if the above options aren’t sufficient.

Important: The more information you give us, the easier it is for us to assist you. Please try to provide as much of the following information as you can:

  1. The version of iOS / Android that you are running.
  2. Which app you are using (TrailSmart or TrekRight).
  3. Which trail dataset you are using (such as Camino Francés, Lycian Way, Cotswold Way, and so on).
  4. The version of the app that you are using. This can be found on the “About” screen (available from the ‘App’ area of the Dashboard in TrailSmart and from the More menu in TrekRight). The version looks something like “v1.71”.
  5. The version of the content you are using. This can also be found on the same “About” screen as the app version.
  6. A detailed description of the problem you’ve encountered, ideally including a precise list of the exact steps needed to reproduce the issue.
  7. If possible, a screen capture showing the problem. (How to do a screen capture)

#6 is particularly important for bug reports – if we can’t reproduce the bug, we can’t fix it!

Feature requests, bug reports, etc. are all highly welcomed! We’re actively working to ensure that our apps are, and remain, solid and reliable, and that they helps you get the absolute most out of your long-distance trek. Your feedback is critical – and greatly appreciated.