Wild Camping
Campsite by Huts
At Yatıkardıç Yayla

Good place for camping on the yayla where you’ll find some shepherd huts. During the grazing season you’ll typically find the area occupied by the shepherds. You’re normally welcome to camp (free) but seek permission first as a courtesy (if you don’t speak any Turkish, using gestures and pointing at your tent with a questioning expression will get your request across).


There’s a water source (well) nearby and you are often able to purchase water bottles, beverages, and sometimes snacks and other basic supplies from the shepherds.

Pretty Pictures

Sometimes nothing beats a good photo. Or even a bad photo! If you’d like to share some or all of your photo collection with the Trekopedia community, contact us at photos@trekopedia.com and we can arrange a transfer of them. And thanks!
All photos are copyright by their respective owners and are used with permission.

How You Can Help

Trail research is never actually done. Here’s some of what we’re looking for:
✅   More photos! Ideally with geo-location information in the metadata. In addition to using some photos on Trekopedia, we add them to our internal reference database which significantly helps us with trail research. The more photos, the better! If you are willing to share your collection with us, we’d be incredibly grateful. Let us know and we’ll arrange a transfer.

✅   Points of interest. Help us identify (and geo-locate) accommodations, attractions, restaurants, markets, trail waypoints, confusing or problematic junctions, difficult or hazardous places, water sources, and so on. 

✅   Tips & recommendations. Share your thoughts with other hikers.
In addition to the above, please see this article for information on more general ways you can help. Thanks!
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