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Last revised: January 23, 2023

We take your privacy seriously. This privacy policy outlines what information is collected by this website and how / why we use it.

What We Collect and How it is Used

Except as noted below, we do not collect any personally identifiable information about you. Exceptions may include the following:

1) If you send us emails, we typically retain copies of all correspondence so that we have a history of our conversations with you, which helps with subsequent support inquiries, responding to feedback, discussions with you about trails and trail resources / issues, and similar communications. We do not sell email lists.

2) If you post comments, submit feedback, or provide content via any functionality of the website (“User Content”), such User Content may be published as part of the website or via related apps and/or publications we produce and may include identifying information as provided by you within that User Content.

3) Website logs may capture standard information about your visit, which might include such things as when you visited, what browser you used, your IP address, which website pages you viewed, and similar information typically recorded by website logs. This is used to help us better understand how our content is being consumed, to identify any server or website issues, and to better understand the needs and interests of those accessing our content.

4) If the website supports user accounts, such as to enable you to edit content or to access features / functionality that require an account, your account details will be stored on the server and accessed by the site as needed to support such features / functionality.

5) The website may save ‘cookies’ (tiny files with metadata about your visit) on your computer if your browser permits it. Such cookies are used to store preferences and similar information to enhance your site experience. We do not use cookies to track your visits across multiple websites.

6) If commercial products or services are offered through our website, some identifying information relating to any purchases you make might be stored within the website’s databases if such information is needed to support website-related functionality (for example, to enable you to access premium content you may have purchased). Credit card information and similar sensitive information is never stored on our website.

Security of Your Information

Feedback emails are typically transmitted as unsecured plain text. Please keep in mind that any information you include within such emails could be intercepted by third parties.

Once received by us, we use reasonable technical and administrative measures to protect the information contained within the feedback emails. However, no measures are perfect and we do not recommend that sensitive information be sent to us via email.

Emails are stored both on our hosting company’s servers and within our own email clients.

User Content submitted via interaction with our website is typically stored within databases on our server. We use reasonable technical and administrative measures to protect the content in those databases. Again, no such measures are 100% reliable and we do not recommend that any sensitive information be included in your User Content.

Opting Out From Future Correspondence

If you no longer wish to receive any correspondence from us, please contact us via the email address listed below and let us know.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about how we handle data and privacy, please contact us at