Historical Site
Cliffside Tombs (incl Temple of Amyntas)
In Fethiye

Set of tombs, some quite impressive, located on the cliff face at the rear of Fethiye.


It’s worth taking the time to view the tombs both up-close and from a distance.


The most elaborate and impressive one is the iconic Temple of Amyntas, which has a larger than normal amount of interior space. Built in 350 BC. According to the linked Wikipedia article it was named after the Greek inscription on the side of the tomb: “Amyntou tou Ermagiou” or, in English, “Amyntas, son of Hermagios”.


Regrettably, many of these tombs now have graffiti all over them – very jarring giving the ancient historical context.


You can see the tombs from just about anywhere in the historical part of Fethiye; to get to them, just follow any of the roads heading in that general direction.


Consider stopping by the Lycian sarcophagus that sits in the middle of the road a short distance away – fascinating!

Contacts & Links

Small admission fee (though most of it can be seen for free from the adjacent road).

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  • Impressive cliffside tomb in Fethiye.
    Impressive cliffside tomb in Fethiye
    Photo by 
    The Trekopedia Team
  • Good view of tombs and city in Fethiye.
    Good view of tombs and city in Fethiye
    Photo by 
    The Trekopedia Team

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