Historical Site
Delikkemer (Roman Aqueduct)
Between Akbel & Gelemiş

Impressive, fairly long (~200m) bridge / aqueduct located between Akbel and the Patara ruins. Built by the Romans to provide fresh water for Patara, it dates from approximately AD 55.


The builder’s of the aqueduct thoughtfully added a passageway cutting through the structure, side-to-side. The location of the marker for the aqueduct on our map shows where the passageway is located.


You’ll spot some broken-out sections of the aqueduct which are interesting to investigate. They’ll give you a great idea of how the aqueduct works and perhaps an appreciation for how difficult it must have been to build.

Pretty Pictures

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  • Building block of Delikkemer with trail blaze visible.
    Building block of Delikkemer with trail blaze visible
    Photo by 
    Anna Flack
    Fall 2022
  • Roman aqueduct.
    Delikkemer Roman aqueduct stretching across the valley
    Photo by 
    Anna Flack
    Sept 2022
  • Delikkemer Roman aqueduct
    Passageway through Delikkemer aqueduct
    Photo by 
    Anna Flack
    Sept 2022
  • Side view of Delikkemer.
    Side view of Delikkemer
    Photo by 
    The Trekopedia Team

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