Lycian Way
Doing Demre – Finike Without Camping
Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

This 3-day mountain stretch has no accommodations available along it. The easiest way to do it is, of course, by camping. But one of the nice things about the Lycian Way is that you don’t have to camp. Even this 3-day stretch can be done without camping!


It requires some extra logistical planning, but it is do-able!

Alakilise ruins.
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Łukasz Ostojski
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Demre – Finike Without Camping
Even the 3-day (2-night) mountain trek between Demre and Finike can be done without camping, despite there being no accommodations available along it. It takes a bit of logistical work, though. The trick is as follows (illustrated using an eastbound hike, but of course it can be done in either direction):
Day One: Demre to Alakilise Ruins

Hike from Demre to the Alakilise ruins, part way up the mountain. Have your guesthouse operator in Demre arrange a pick-up from the rural road that passes near the ruins. Alternatively, start by having your ride drop you off at the ruins and simply hike down the mountain to Demre. Coordinates for your drop-off / pick-up point: 36.325799, 29.993145.

Overnight in Demre in comfort, sleeping in a nice warm bed after dining at a fine restaurant. Life is good!

Day Two: Alakilise Ruins to E of Belos Ruins

Have a ride arranged that drops you back by the Alakilise ruins in the morning. Hike over the mountain to the Belos ruins on the other side and then continue a little further east until you come to a rural road. Have your guesthouse operator in Finike arrange a pick-up from that road and take you to Finike. Coordinates for this pick-up / drop-off: 36.287712, 30.089191.

Overnight in Finike in comfort, sleeping in a nice warm bed after dining at a fine restaurant. Life is still good!

Day Three: E of Belos Ruins to Finike

In the morning, have a ride arranged that drops you back at the road east of the Belos ruins. Hike down the mountain and into Finike.

Easy! 🙂

This isn’t the most frugal approach, of course, but it makes this otherwise unviable portion of the trail do-able for those who aren’t camping. We’ve heard that there are also companies now available that are handling the arrangements, though we don’t currently have details on them.

If you don’t want to deal with these logistics, it is easy to just bypass this stretch entirely – catch a dolmuş between Demre and Finike and continue with your hike. Note that we don’t recommend walking along the road that connects the two towns. It’s busy and noisy, with cars and trucks whipping by at high speeds. It’s an unappealing walk.
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