Villa Cennet Bahcesi
In Üzümlü

Guesthouse on the edge of Üzümlü directly on the Lycian Way, with singles and doubles. The name means ‘Paradise Garden’.


Villa Cennet Bahcesi Üzümlü, Kalkan Antalya, Turkey 07585

+90 539 664 07 71
+90 542 512 24 47


Has 8 ensuite rooms. Amenities include a full Turkish breakfast (included), 3-course dinner (extra cost), WiFi, clothes washer / dryer, self-service kitchen, all-day hot water, and a nice pool. Packed lunches and snacks are available by request. Great views from their deck.


Operated by Deborah and Ramazan. English spoken in addition to Turkish. Use the ’47’ phone number if calling in English and ’71’ for Turkish.


Open all year.

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