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Exterior of 8 Pansiyon (aka Sekiz Pansiyon)
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There’s a good selection of accommodation options along the Lycian Way, with places to stay in most communities. In the larger communities you’ll typically find both hotels and guesthouses (‘pansiyons’), and possibly resorts, hostels, and commercial campgrounds. In smaller communities there’s usually only guesthouses and sometimes commercial campgrounds. In a relatively small number of communities there are no formal accommodation options at all, though you can often find a family to stay with informally just by asking around. See our article describing accommodation options for more info.
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Below are listed all of the accommodation options currently tracked on Trekopedia. The listing can be sorted alphabetically or roughly in route order (either west-to-east or east-to-west). Click on the name of any accommodation to open its ‘details’ page.

If you have any recommendations on places we should include, please let us know.
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