Village near the eastern end of the Lycian Way, between Hısarçandır and Geyikbayırı.



Dolmuş service is available from a stop by the village mosque.


We’ve heard that there is supposed to be a guesthouse available in the village, but we haven’t been able to confirm anything. Most people seem to continue onwards to either Geyikbayırı or Hısarçandır (depending on which direction you are going).


Water and public toilets are available in the village at the mosque (slightly off-route of the Lycian Way’s path, which going to the east of the village itself).

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  • View of Çitdibi coming from Hısarçandır
    View of Çitdibi coming from Hısarçandır
    Photo by 
    Ambling Trails
    Fall 2022

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