Village located between Alınca and Gavurağılı.


This is where the two alternate routes between Alınca and Bel meet up again (from Yediburunlar (Gey) and Dodurga respectively). Because it is the junction of the two alternate paths, Bel is a common ‘meeting-up’ place for hikers.



There’s no dolmuş service that we are aware of, so you’d need to seek a ride from a villager and/or hitchhike.


There are several accommodation options available, with Fatma’s Pansiyon (located south of the main intersection) being the most popular.


Kate Clow’s website mentions rooms available with Ahmet Kılıç in a house located after the mosque (+90 533 600 65 34) and with Servet (+90 252 678 11 00). We haven’t verified either of these yet – if anyone can provide exact coordinates and confirmation of details it would be appreciated.


Hiker Paul Harris tells us there is a usable camping area: “Bel also has some primitive camping (no services) with nice views. Location: about 20m below Fatma’s place, on the road, there is a white gravel road on the opposite side from Fatma’s. Go up this road about 1/2 kilometer to a large flattish area.”


Water is available from a modern water fountain on the road leading south out of the village.


There is a market available in the village.


There is a mosque at the crossroads of the village.


The muhtar (the village headman) is Rasih and can be reached at +90 536 814 48 84 (speaks only Turkish as far as we know).


Here’s what we’re currently tracking for this community:
  • Annotated map of Fatma's Pansiyon in Bel
    Fatma’s Pansiyon
  • Annotated map of Kılıç Pansiyon in Bel
    Kılıç Pansiyon
  • Annotated map of Nasuh Camp in Bel
    Commercial Campground
    Nasuh Camp
  • Annotated map of Ramazan's House (at market) & Camping (ataxia Camping) in Bel
    Ramazan’s House (at market) & Camping (ataxia Camping)

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  • Cobblestone road in Bel
    Cobblestone road in Bel
    Photo by 
    Susanne Rieder
    Nov 2022
  • Fatma getting a meal ready at Fatma's Pansiyon in Bel
    Fatma getting a meal ready at Fatma’s Pansiyon
  • Fatma at Fatma’s Pansiyon in Bel.
    Fatma at Fatma’s Pansiyon in Bel
    Photo by 
    Fall 2022

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