Gelemiş (Patara Village)

Gelemiş, also known as Patara Village after the nearby ruins and beach, is located southeast of Letoon and southwest of Kalkan and Akbel.


Gelemiş is a very low-key place where the villagers are easy-going, friendly, and seem genuinely interested in the strange foreigners who keep wandering in, covered in sweat, with raging thirst and an urgent desire to simply sit somewhere, anywhere…



Dolmuş service is available during high season, but is non-existent or highly limited during the rest of the year. However, you can walk up to the main road (D400, about 3 km away), where it is generally easy to wave down a bus. You can also hitchhike (just walking alongside the road will often result in people stopping and offering a lift).


The superbly restored Patara ruins are just to the south of the village. There’s lots to see there and it’s worth allocating some extra time.


Slightly further south of the ruins is Patara beach, arguably the best beach on the Lycian Way.


Lots of guesthouses are available both in and near the village.


Medusa Bar offers camping spots though there are places to wild camp as well.


There is a full range of services available, including lots of restaurants, mini-markets, post office, and so on.

Tips & Recommendations

Note that during the off-season, the village can be very quiet and many amenities will be closed.


Here’s what we’re currently tracking for this community:
  • Annotated map of Akay Pension in Gelemiş
    Akay Pension
  • Annotated map of Ceyrek Camping & Bungalow in Gelemiş
    Commercial Campground
    Ceyrek Camping & Bungalow
  • Annotated map of Golden Pension in Gelemiş
    Golden Pension
  • Annotated map of Hotel Ince near Gelemiş
    Hotel Ince
  • Annotated map of Medusa Bar & Camping in Gelemiş
    Commercial Campground
    Medusa Bar & Camping
  • Annotated map of Patara Flower Pension in Gelemiş
    Patara Flower Pension
  • Annotated map of St. Nicholas Pension & Restaurant in Gelemiş
    St. Nicholas Pension & Restaurant
  • Annotated map of Sulo Pansiyon in Gelemiş
    Sulo Pansiyon

Pretty Pictures

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  • View of Patara ruins
    View of Patara Ruins
    Photo by 
    Łukasz Ostojski
    Fall 2021
  • City gate at the Patara ruins
    City gate at the Patara ruins
    Photo by 
    Irene Dijkmans
    Fall 2022
  • Street in Gelemiş
    Street in Gelemiş
    Photo by 
    Susanne Rieder
    Nov 2022
  • View of the Patara ruins
    View of the Patara ruins
    Photo by 
    Fall 2022

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