Main Path
Letoon – Kınık

Easy section along paved roads linking the village of Letoon with the small town of Kınık.

Road view between Kumluova and Karaköy.
Image credit:  
T Roszkowski
, All rights reserved


Letoon (village)
Kınık (small town)
SW–NE section with Kınık to the NE.
Flat section (note the scale on the elevation chart – don’t let the spikes on the chart mislead you!).
Follows alongside paved roads the entire way, passing through the villages of Kumluova and Karaköy and generally surrounded by endless greenhouses.
Way-finding is good, with the major junctions clearly signposted.


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Towards Kınık:
Towards Letoon:
5.4 km / 3.4 mi
48 m / 157 ft
37 m / 121 ft
~1.5 hrs
Elevation chart.
5.4 km / 3.4 mi
37 m / 121 ft
48 m / 157 ft
~1.5 hrs
Elevation chart.

Handy Things to Know

The following notes are gathered from our own experiences and from feedback sent to us by other hikers. Let us know how we can improve these notes – and thanks!


  • There’s a couple of reliable water fountains.


  • “Hey, look! Another greenhouse!”
  • The ruins at Letoon are quite good, though there is an admission fee to enter the site. Much of the ruins can be seen from the road as you pass.


  • Hitchhiking through this section is usually very easy. Indeed, it is not unusual for cars to stop and offer a ride when they see you walking by the road. The bigger your pack, the more likely someone is going to stop and take pity on you! 🙂


  • Very limited accommodations.
  • There’s an off-route apartment-style  hotel in Kumluova that we’ve heard good things about. Even further off-route is a guesthouse.


  • We’re not aware of any camping spots along this section though quite often you can camp outside mosques if you ask first.


  • There are several markets along the way.


  • Dolmuş service is available from many places along this section.

Attractions & Highlights

Notable highlights along the trail and at either endpoint include:
  • Letoon Ruins in Letoon
    Historical Site
    Letoon Ruins
    In Letoon


Here’s what we’re currently tracking for this trail section:
  • Map of Leton Apart Otel in Kumluova [187] [CE2667]
    Leton Apart Otel
    In Kumluova
  • Annotated map of Meyveli Ev ('House of Fruit') Northwest of Kumluova
    Meyveli Ev (‘House of Fruit’)
    Northwest of Kumluova

Wild Camping Locations

Here are the wild camping locations that we’re currently tracking along this trail section:

Water Sources

Here are the water sources that we’re currently tracking along this trail section or at either endpoint:
  • Fountain in Kumluova
    Water Source
    In Kumluova

Where to Next?

From Kınık:

  • Map showing the Lycian Way between Kınık and Çavdır.
    Main Path
    Kınık – Çavdır
    4.6 km / 2.9 mi
    120 m / 394 ft
    32 m / 105 ft
    Est. Duration
    Links the villages of Kınık and Çavdır, passing through the Xanthos ruins along the way.

From Letoon:

  • Map showing the Lycian Way between Gavurağılı and Letoon.
    Main Path
    Gavurağılı – Letoon
    14.5 km / 9.0 mi
    335 m / 1,099 ft
    425 m / 1,394 ft
    Est. Duration
    Connects the villages of Gavurağılı and Letoon, passing through the Pydnai ruins and Karadere Beach.

Pretty Pictures

Sometimes nothing beats a good photo. Or even a bad photo! If you’d like to share some or all of your photo collection with the Trekopedia community, contact us at and we can arrange a transfer of them. And thanks!
All photos are copyright by their respective owners and are used with permission.
  • Road view between Kumluova and Karaköy.
    Road view between Kumluova and Karaköy
    Photo by 
    T Roszkowski
    Spring 2022
  • Letoon ruins.
    Flooded area of the Letoon ruins
    Photo by 
    Anna Flack
    Sept 2022

How You Can Help

Trail research is never actually done. Here’s some of what we’re looking for:
✅   More photos! Ideally with geo-location information in the metadata. In addition to using some photos on Trekopedia, we add them to our internal reference database which significantly helps us with trail research. The more photos, the better! If you are willing to share your collection with us, we’d be incredibly grateful. Let us know and we’ll arrange a transfer.

✅   Points of interest. Help us identify (and geo-locate) accommodations, attractions, restaurants, markets, trail waypoints, confusing or problematic junctions, difficult or hazardous places, water sources, and so on. 

✅   Tips & recommendations. Share your thoughts with other hikers.
In addition to the above, please see this article for information on more general ways you can help. Thanks!
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