Beautiful seaside town (though it feels more like a city after all the villages you’ve been through) located along the coast east of Kalkan and north of Limanağzı. The town is backed by impressive, almost-sheer cliffs and has a postcard-perfect bay.


Kaş is a tourist town, with a fair number of foreigners living there (especially Brits), but still retains its Turkish feel and its amazing Turkish hospitality.



The Lycian Way passes directly through town. Coming from Çukurbağ, it enters town from the north immediately after coming out of the cliff-side path. It departs Kaş to the southeast, following the coastline.


Note that way-markings are frequently poor-to-non-existent once in town. If you are coming from Çukurbağ, simply keep working your way towards the water. If you are heading the other way, you won’t be able to miss the massive cliffs overlooking town (the trail into the cliffs is marked by a signpost on the north side of the main road at the town’s edge).


The town’s busy bus station has both long-range buses and dolmuş service to the entire region, with frequent service.


Notable attractions include the ancient Hellenistic amphitheater located just to the west of town (about a 10 minute walk from ‘downtown’). It’s a relatively small theater, but quite nice anyway, with excellent acoustics (indeed, public concerts are still routinely performed there). The King’s Tomb is a magnificent Lycian sarcophagus located in the middle of a busy part of town – well worth seeing. There are impressive rock tombs (like in Fethiye).


A stroll along the peninsula (continuing past the amphitheater) is quite nice – there are many overgrown tombs and ruins scattered along the hillside waiting to be ‘discovered’.


Off-shore is the tiny island of Meis, which is part of Greece. It makes for a nice excursion that can easily be arranged from the marina (or just ask your hotel / pension operator). With a population of about 300, it is a quiet, intimate place. There are ruins of castles you can explore and a visit to the bars / cafes is usually an attraction (alcohol is almost a third of the price as it is in Turkey…).


There’s lots of hotels / pensions available. Most will have a nice rooftop terrace so that you can enjoy the views while having breakfast / dinner.


We’ve had good feedback regarding 8 Pansiyon (aka Sekiz Pansiyon).


There is a full range of amenities, including markets (including a centrally located full-size grocery store), restaurants, banks, nightlife, and so on.


The restaurants in Kaş are generally very good – even some of the ‘hole-in-a wall’ type places have surprisingly good food. You definitely won’t go hungry! As you might expect, the restaurants closer to the water tend to be more expensive (but not necessarily better).


While there are definitely some up-scale restaurants and hotels in Kaş, the town is generally quite reasonable in terms of costs and there are plenty of affordable options for everything you’ll need.

Tips & Recommendations

The market day in Kaş is Friday (the market is relatively small, but bustling and fun to explore).


Kaş makes an excellent location for a trekking break to let your body rest up, for any nagging muscle soreness to work themselves out, and to regain your enthusiasm and general spirits before tackling the next big stretches of the Lycian Way.


Here’s what we’re currently tracking for this community:
  • Annotated map of 8 Pansiyon (aka Sekiz Pansiyon) in Kaş
    8 Pansiyon (aka Sekiz Pansiyon)
  • Annotated map of Hotel Puya in Kaş
    Hotel Puya
  • Annotated map of Kaş Camping in Kaş
    Commercial Campground
    Kaş Camping
  • Annotated map of Kayahan Hotel in Kaş
    Kayahan Hotel
  • Annotated map of La Kumasal Hotel in Kaş
    La Kumasal Hotel
  • Meltem Pension & Guest House in Kaş
    Meltem Pension & Guest House
  • Annotated map of Mina Apart Hotel in Kaş
    Mina Apart Hotel
  • Rhapsody Hotel in Kaş
    Rhapsody Hotel

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  • Northern harbour of Kaş.
    Northern harbor of Kaş
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    The Trekopedia Team
  • King's Tomb in Kaş/
    Impressive King’s Tomb in Kaş
    Photo by 
    The Trekopedia Team
  • View of steep cliffs behind Kaş.
    View of steep cliffs behind Kaş
    Photo by 
    The Trekopedia Team

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