Small, friendly hamlet located at the Sidyma ruins between Alınca and Bel. Indeed, the village isn’t so much located at the Sidyma ruins as on them!



Coming from Alınca, the Lycian Way is generally heading in a southeast direction then does a loop around the Sidyma ruins (though many people simply cut through them). The trail from Dodurga continues initially to the southwest and then curves south to get to Bel.


We treat the trailhead for Dodurga as being in front of the village mosque.


Note that there is no regular dolmuş service to/from the hamlet.


If you are OK with hitchhiking, it is usually not difficult to get a ride.


There is one guesthouse available, Sidyma Homes, though several local families offer accommodation in their homes. Check with the village headman (“muhtar”), Rasit Mete (+90 536 814 48 82), who often has rooms available in his own home too.


Note, Brea of Sidyma Homes tells us that several other homes in the village are also available to trekkers:

– Aynur’s home has 1 room (+90 531 211 82 34 and +90 539 202 37 73).
– Cem and Sidika’s home has 2 rooms.
– Muhtar’s home has several cabins available.


Ask around at the village and anyone can point you to the correct homes.


There are good camping locations near the hamlet.



There are no services available in the village, though meals can sometimes be arranged with private families.


Water can be obtained by the mosque – note, though, that water is scarce in the village (it needs to be trucked in) so be considerate in what you take.

Attractions & Highlights

Notable highlights along the trail and at either endpoint include:
  • Sidyma Ruins by Dodurga
    Historical Site
    Sidyma Ruins
    At Dodurga


Here’s what we’re currently tracking for this community:
  • Annotated map of Aynur's Home in Dodurga
    Aynur’s Home
  • Annotated map of Sidyma Homes in Dodurga
    Sidyma Homes

Pretty Pictures

Sometimes nothing beats a good photo. Or even a bad photo! If you’d like to share some or all of your photo collection with the Trekopedia community, contact us at and we can arrange a transfer of them. And thanks!
All photos are copyright by their respective owners and are used with permission.
  • Sign for Sidyma
    Sign for Sidyma
    Photo by 
    Rebecca Scheer
    Fall 2022

How You Can Help

Trail research is never actually done. Here’s some of what we’re looking for (in addition to the general requests for help listed in this article):
More photos! We’re always looking for more photos to add to our internal research database as well as for use here on Trekopedia. If you are willing to share your collection with us, we’d be incredibly grateful. Let us know and we’ll arrange a transfer.
Details on accommodation options, especially places where you’ve stayed.
Details on restaurants, markets, and other amenities.
Tips, recommendations, and generally anything that you think would help other hikers.
Help improve the geo-location of any points-of-interest.
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